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properties: whatever interests the outdoor enthusiast, hunter, fisherman/woman, nature photographer and all those who love the outdoors, hiking etc.

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NOTE: this is a SAMPLE ad, using MY OWN cabin/land; I have SOLD it.

recreational properties for sale or lease Where: northern Alberta, Canada
legal description: xxx-xx-x-xxx
How large (acres): 320 acres or 129.5 hectares (one mile east/west and 1/2 mile north/south)
buildings details: cabin, 3 sheds, 3 metal granaries
main attractions: muledeer, whitetailed deer, moose, elk, bears, coyotes, wolves, small animals, ducks, geese, hiking trails in the bush, Peace and Quiet!
annual property tax: C$217.
price: C$220,000.
URL for more info, pix:
View from Google Earth: xx xx'xx.xx"N xxx xx'xx.xx"W
contact the owner: Ken Laninga, at this address:

recreational properties for sale or lease recreational properties for sale or lease
recreational properties for sale or lease recreational properties for sale or lease

This incredible property is 18 miles off the paved highway. It has 195 acres of virgin forest (poplar, spruce, willow and a few birch and pine trees) and 125 acres cultivated. The cultivated acres are rented to a nearby farmer who pays $25 per acre every April 1 for that year. There are NO facilities in the cabin; it has deliberately been left in primitive form. The road which goes past the cabin continues for two miles (NO other buildings) and then ends. "As the crow flies" it is about six miles south of the huge Peace River. There are NO other fields between the cabin and the Peace. Game is seen virtually every day from the cabin. The land is very good; in 2003, it produced a crop which sold for $100,000.00. Bison visit regularly; they are supposed to stay behind their fence but frequently hop over the fences. Lots of hiking trails in the 190-acre bushland. My BLOGS show MANY photos: The land is 94 miles (151 Km) from the city of Grande Prairie.


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No doubt you have noticed that Recreational Properties are in greater demand with every passing year. Like The Man said, "Buy land; they don't make it anymore."

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