I've lost touch with a customer; maybe you can tell me how to contact her? She is:

Rese Ammons and her email address was rammons@southernresorts.com

Mr. Laninga, 

I recently discovered your site and have fallen in love with your walking sticks. My husband had one, but it was broken recently. I want to get him a new and am interested in #F19 that was shown in the Finished pictures. I noticed however, that you required a minimum of 2 sticks per order and I cannot at this time afford that. Would you be willing to send just one? Also, is there a chance that I could get it prior to June 15? I know this isn’t a lot of time, but my husband is taking a group of Boy Scouts on a summer camp trip and I was hoping to make it an early Father’s Day gift that he could take with him.

 Please let me know how much to send you. I can send it out today.

I live at 48 Mary Esther Dr., Mary Esther, FL  32569, U.S. 

If you need to contact me about this, my work number is 850-243-0339. Or you can simply reply to this email.

 Thank You,


We made a deal and she wrote:


Thank you so much. I will put the $49 in the mail first thing in the morning. 


The $$ did not come, and I asked about it; she wrote:


 I apologize, but no, it did not get sent out. I had an emergency with my car so it will be next week when I get paid again before I can send it out. I was hoping to scrape the money together before now but it doesn’t look like I will be able to. If someone else should order the one you have set aside, I understand. Otherwise I will get the money out to you next week, probably next Friday.

 Thanks again,


I was going away to my cabin for a few days and did not want to keep this nice lady waiting so I shipped the stick before the $$ arrived. Then she wrote:

I will get the money in the mail on Thursday. I apologize for the misunderstanding. Thank you for all your help.


But, it did not come and I wrote:

Hi, Rese; I just got back from 2 weeks in the bush and had expected to find your payment of US$49 here but it was not here.......yet.
I did make an exception to help you, by ignoring my own rules, and I sent the sticks before I had your payment. You have not even replied to my several emails asking what happened to the payment.
Would you prefer it if I asked your employer to take it off your pay and send it to me; would that be easier for you?

No reply so I contacted her employer who told me, from address: kbosworth@southernresorts.com (wonder if it is true......)

Rese does not work for Southern Resorts any longer.  Please delete this email from your list.

 Kami Bosworth

So, something went wrong here and now I cannot contact RESE AMMONS anymore.