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My blogs are "by the year." Each calendar year is a separate file/blog.

If you go through these blogs, you will see a definite trend. In the early years, starting about 1959, the main reasons for going out to the bush was to hunt for meat. As the years progressed, and I grew more mature, "killing" lost its appeal and then I learned about the beauties of Diamond Willow sticks and hunting became MORE FUN with a CAMERA.

NOTE: this blog was ENDED by Pancreatic Cancer. On June 20, 2012, my surgeon "gave" me 3 months. I started a new blog detailing that situation:

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If YOU are an outdoor enthusiast, as I am, and are looking to buy, or lease or sell a "Recreational Property" then this page will interest you:

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The ones from BEFORE 2006 were never on the www before; they were my own private diary and are much poorer quality. Sorry.

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I have some videos on Youtube and most are related to my cabin and the fun we have there; see them at

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Here's a thought: my friend Bill F wrote:

"As I looked through two of the blogs it struck me that they had a huge value to any teacher, anywhere in the world, teaching about Canada's west. These blogs could easily serve as a reading assignment as well as introducing children to the wonders of western Canada. I am not sure how to proceed with this Ken but these blogs have some real educational value. Think about a youngster sitting in a classroom in Toronto, Montreal, or Liverpool England studying about Canada; this stuff is invaluable. Think about some youngster in Australia, Japan, or in Panama City studying about Canada, how useful could your work be? I am not sure how you could get this material into the appropriate schools but you do have a goldmine here."

So, if YOU have any ideas on how to proceed, please let me know.

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