diamond willow projects

Carving Diamond Willow

These are Diamond Willow projects done by others. No doubt there are millions of other things you can do with Diamond Willow; not only carving.

carved sticks

Here are some examples of the types of carvings most carvers like to do; note also the baseball.

bird feeder

And this is MY BABY! I really enjoyed making this gorgeous piece of Diamond Willow look as good as it does now. Did not take long either and looks terrific. Only problem was that a bear decided to raid the bird feeder. He left one hair on the feeder so I knew who "Dun It." He caused other problems too, unfortunately, and paid the price. The way it is fastened down now makes it easy for a bear to "break" it loose from the ground without seriously damaging the pole. At least I hope so. Four pins through the pieces of "2x6" hold it down now. In back you can see my "park" where I've cleared most of the trees and undergrowth so I can see and photograph the deer better.


And here is one more idea for using Diamond Willow. Just smooth little "blocks" to play with. Keep your fingers busy; help you to stop smoking maybe?


And a Cane; more about that on my page at http://www.sticksite.com/making_canes/.

carving canes

Here are 3 close-ups of 3 of the 4 faces carved into one stick by Gary Fishell on one long stick. THANKS to Gary! Gary actually GAVE this incredible stick to me.


And a nicely-made clock. A perfect way to use my Rails or my "Huge Ones."


A really neat idea; a cane with a compass built into the handle.


This spectacular piece of decorative craft was made by Gregory Lockwood.

diamondsNow HERE is something else that is unusual. A lady named "Patches" (Sheryl Monroe) was good enough to send me a picture of her Diamond Willow cane. Note how the diamonds stand out: (Patches did not get this stick from me). I have found that if you take a stick which is rotting from the outside in, sometimes you will find that around the diamonds the wood has the texture of dry putty. You can sand it out leaving the diamonds like this. Often the inside of the stick will be as solid as ever. More about rotting sticks on my Stick - Making page.

diamond tree

Mike's Diamond Willow Tree must have a few hundred diamonds on it. I'll bet it is worth a fortune. This kind of a piece is hard to come by. Over the years I've found only one like this that was worth saving. Clearly, Mike Danault is a true craftsman. Wonderful work, Mike!!


And look what Brian Hutchison did with some beautiful Diamond Willow.


Terry showed me a picture of a handrail beside his stairway; the handrail is a nice piece of Diamond Willow. What a neat idea!! Makes you want to go up and down the stairs all day, just to keep feeling that stick!


Here is a super nice Diamond Willow Lamp made by Dennis Ostgaard. Dennis makes all kinds, including floor lamps.

These are best made with my Rails which you can find on my page at http://www.sticksite.com/rails/.


One more way to use a nice Diamond Willow stick; I use mine on occasion as a "monopod" when I cannot carry my big, heavy tripod.

stair rails

One would use "Rails" to do this kind of thing; I used to sell them but quit; see the site at http://www.sticksite.com/rails/.


Again, I have quit harvesting Rails but you can see a bit more about them at http://www.sticksite.com/rails/index.htm)


I made these Diamond Willow stools to set lamps on; great for plants too.

Some have the bark on the large round part and some have it removed. Three legs or four legs. Note the forked ends on the braces.


What a gorgeous table! I still want one of these for myself!

Nice work, Brian!


One of these days I'll have to make me one of these toothpick-holders.


Some day my kids will have to fight over this Diamond Willow Chair; hope not toooooo soon.


Mike made very nice kitchen chairs with Diamond Willow!


Another super project by Mike Denault; NICE WORK, Mike!


Makes me want to get busy with my tools and make one too.

Perfect use for my Rails.


Gorgeous work by Brian Hutchison!


Here's one that I really like; maybe someday I'll try to make one too. Again, by Brian.

Perfect use for my Rails.

Here is a neat idea: Pens made from Diamond Willow; this one was made by the Webers; see their work at http://craftyones.net/originalsbyweber.


Another really cool idea; a Diamond Willow spoon by Renzo Rutili.

I don't know what it is, but it was a gorgeous piece of Diamond Willow; now it seems to be a piece to just hold, fondle, play with, feel it............ A "Conversation Piece" I guess.


Obviously, only your imagination limits you when it comes to making neat, cool things with Diamond Willow.


This is what I call a "Cup-stand" or a "Lamp-stand" and I have two of them.

And, yes, that is exactly what I use them for most of the time.


This piece of decorative Diamond Willow sits in my living room.


This seems like a great way to use scraps of Diamond Willow; I use this on my coat and a lot of people comment on how unique this is. Plus, when the subject of "Diamond Willow" comes up, I'm always ready to SHOW what it is.


Mike Phelps made this extraordinary Diamond Willow headboard for a bed using my RAILS.


"Skip" told me: "Just wanted to say a quick thank-you for the nice diamond willow sticks. I got them stained, varnished, wood-burned, with polished stones inset, all in time for Christmas gifts to a few of my several grandkids and I'm happy to report they were not only a big hit with the kids, but impressed the adults as well."


Al Martin came up with this really cool way to use Diamond Willow; I'm pretty sure I'm going to do that too, in my cabin sometime. Thanks, Al!


Roger Proulx said:

"This is an easel which I made from sticks purchased from Ken Laninga at sticksite.com. It is to display the Eagle Scout Plaque for Troop 611 Moorpark, CA. I lashed and mechanically fastened them together. They were stained and sealed before assembly."

Nice work, Roger and thanks for sharing.


Murray made a "Puppet Tree" for his friend. She is into "hand puppets" and this tree is for storing those puppets. This is made from one of my Rails and some smaller pieces. I suppose one could make a larger one for hanging clothes on too.


Just *had* to show you one more lamp; this time, with a shade on it. Charlie Brink made this one from one of my Rails.


A very nice Diamond Willow lamp, owned by Helen Frost, the author of "Diamond Willow" published by Frances Foster Books / Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Diamond-Willow-Frances-Foster-Books/dp/0374317763/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpi_1.

I keep getting enthusiastic emails from people who have her book. They love it!


And, of course, PICTURE Frames! If you like this as much as I do, make your own! All the details at my new page here: Picture Frames.

wedding broom

You have heard, no doubt, how some people use a BROOM at a wedding. Google it for more information but the idea is that the couple being married "jump" over the broom (which is laying on the floor) to signify a new beginning to their lives together. My friend "Greg" bought this RAIL from me and did a terrific job of finishing it as a broom for his daughter's wedding. Thanks, Greg!


THIS fantastic coffee table was made by my good friend Charlie Brink! Aint she a beaut!?

cabinet door handle

"Nancy" showed me how she and her husband use Diamond Willow to make "door pulls" for cabinet doors. What a super-neat idea!

rack for cups

Another cool idea; a rack for cups/mugs. The center post has diamonds on the back.

hat rack

My friend Charlie Brink made this hat rack perfect for the Red Hat Ladies.

flower pot

Another neat idea from Charlie Brink; a flower pot.


Charlie Brink keeps coming up with these cool ideas! Thanks again, Charlie.

pool cue rack

Charlie Brink keeps on creating; this can be used as a rack for your pool cues, or hiking sticks.

floor lamp

And here is a very beautiful and functional floor lamp by Charlie Brink.

Dan M. sent me pictures of a very old, antique end-table made with Diamond Willow back in the 1920s. He needed one piece of DW to replace a missing brace. He gave me permission to show you his find. I am looking for some very old lumber and have gone through some of my 550+ "Reject" sticks and pulled out a few that have fantastic diamonds and are totally brown in color; when done I'll post details here. Here is Dan's table:

antique antique antique
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