If you have spent any time in Chat-Rooms then this will not surprise you. If you have, you probably, assuming that you DO "have a life" won't spend much time there again.

Freeware VoIP or "Voice over Internet Protocol" is easy to find. Here are some of them:

Skype: from, FANTASTIC audio, VERY good video, file transfer, whiteboard, profile) ONE big problem with Skype: be warned! Read the fine print; if your computer is not always online, e.g. if you have a "dial-up" connection, Skype will USE YOUR bandwidth and YOU WILL BE CHARGED by your ISP if they use more than your monthly allowance. Clearly, if you have a DSL or cable connection and are online 24/7 then there will be no problem. You can have the video chat running in a few minutes. VERY user-friendly. Now there is a sort of answering machine addition to Skype:

Eyeball Chat from (text, audio, video, file transfer, whiteboard, profile)

Yahoo from (text, audio, video, file transfer, whiteboard, profile, various games)

Windows Messenger from Microsoft from (text, audio, video, file transfer, whiteboard, profile)

Paltalk from but I have not tried that one.

AIM or "AOL Instant Messenger" from but I don't want ANYthing to do with AOL.

InSpeak from but it is very new and much of the website is not finished. Not clear if this one is free or not.

Google chat for GMail users, from came out in August 2005 but it is still "in BETA" so leaves a lot to be desired.

They are really "Coming out of the woodwork" now. Here are lots more which I have never tried:

Sightspeed is available at

ExpressTalk comes from

TeamTalk comes from

PicoPhone comes from

Raindance Meeting Edition comes from

Sony IVE comes from

VoIP Buster comes from

Jajah comes from

Wouldn't it be great if we all used the same one? If I had my choice, I would pick Skype. But not if I had dialup.

For the best communication with friends or family, I like Skype.

I've been watching some of the chatter (text) in Eyeball Chat. It has, like Yahoo, many chat-rooms which you can visit. I rarely make any comments in the rooms but while having lunch or watching TV, I let Eyeball run most of the day on another computer and occasionally take a look at the chatter.

In these "rooms" you will see a lot of acronyms used; to decipher them you can visit:

Another place you can find acronyms and more is at

SOME people have a decent "Profile" about themselves in these programs. A "Profile" is a window of information (maybe a picture) about yourself. YOU decide what you want to show/tell the world and what you do NOT want to show/tell. Other people DO appreciate a profile to give them some kind of an idea of who you are, that is, your "asl" or "Age - Sex - Location." Keep in mind though, that a profile can be completely 100% faked. You might be thinking you are chatting with a person of your own age and gender when in fact the opposite might be the case.

WHY do people use/visit these Chat-Rooms?

IMHO, there are 6 kinds of people who do:

Points to consider:

What I cannot understand about Chat-Rooms:

Why do "mature adult" individuals make themselves out to be absolute idiots in public? Do they think that their bad language, worse manners and terrible spelling/grammar will be taken as "funny" by everyone? Do they simply assume that none of this could ever be held against them? Any and all of the chat that they type can be saved by anyone else and sent by email to other people. IT HAPPENS! Do they not realize that their (typed) comments may well be under discussion at the very same time in "Private Messages" with others laughing at them?


UNFORTUNATELY, a lot of perverts come with the most crude comments imaginable. Not only that, but they try to send you PMs or "Private Messages." My suggestion is to "DECLINE" all requests for "Video Chat" or "Text Chat" unless you know who is calling you.

ALL of the chat-rooms are frequented by perverts; there is no difference; no matter the age group, the location or the language, all of them are bothered by these "sickos." For this reason alone it is best to avoid chat-rooms completely. It is impossible to have any kind of discussion; it just does not work. I've seen people try and I've tried. Those who have a brain and a sense of decency are in the minority.

One more tip; a lot of people in these rooms are pathological liars. They change their "NickName" or "nic" and come in with a new name pretending to be somebody different. LOTS of trickery and cheating going on. BE CAREFUL! On TV recently I saw a documentary about a gentleman who met a lady in a chatroom. They finally met and got together. She cleaned him out, financially and then was busy poisoning him. Fortunately his son got suspicious and lowered the boom. She is in the big house now; turns out she allegedly murdered two previous husbands the same way. And she looked like such a sweet, dear lady.

In the Chat-Rooms people use a "nic" or a "nick-name." Be careful here too! The "nic" you see and recognize might not be the person who you think it is. Once I saw TWO identical names in a Chat-Room; NO difference. I did not think that was possible so I copied and pasted both of them into Notepad. THEN it was possible to see that they were NOT the same. One of them had taken the other's name/nic and changed a couple of letters which looked the same but were not. For example, "will" and "wiII" can look identical depending on the font being used.

And hey, DO NOT take any of the chatter seriously!! And remember, anything you type or anything you show with your camera CAN come back to haunt you. SOME people in these chatrooms will have a "PM" with you and SAVE the entire text. Everything you typed is then "Written in Stone." And if you are "camming" with somebody so they can see you, they CAN TAKE YOUR PICTURE!! USE YOUR COMMON SENSE!

You really do not know WHO you are chatting with; it could be your business associate, your wife, your mother, your son/daughter.... you can not be sure so be CAREFUL.

AND there are the "bots." These are computers programs which "pretend" to be people visiting the chat-rooms and use that means to advertise the pornography they are peddling.

About all these VoIP tools are good for, IMHO, is to have "private chats" with friends or family.

HOW TO REPORT obscenities and worse:

One day I glanced at the chatter in a chat-room and noted a pervert trying to lure "girls ages 8 to 13" into lewd sex acts with him online and via cam to cam. When you see this sort of abuse, you should, of course report it. I will list here the websites you can go to for that purpose:

The police advises me:

Hi Ken

If you happen to come across child pornography you can send the direct link to us at

If someone is in a chatroom depending on where they live they can contact and fill out a report online.

Kimberley Moir Criminal Intelligence Analyst Child Exploitation Section Toronto Police Service

No doubt you will want/need a webcam and a decent headset with microphone attached. This is not as easy as you might think.

If I may, I suggest that whatever head-set you buy, make sure you can take it back for a refund if you are not 100% happy with it. I've gone through more of these things than I can count.

Here are some of the more "interesting" (?) comments, taken completely out of context: (Keep in mind that I have NOT listed here any of the "vulgar and obscene" comments)

billdur_38: I am only here to brush up on my bad language

Rhawn: Blessed be who sits on a hot seat .. they'll soon rise again !


billdur_38: Are ALL Americans like this ? I am new here .

juniemoon: damn...they sure talk funny there in oz..don't they patty?

maccross1950: Magale Im a guy ok? and no i dont want to see yr dick

elb1x: hell he is proud of it no matter how small it may be

Rhawn: 'pmsl' = 'pissin my self off laffin' ..

stivemunir: mai proplem no spek englsh varegud

Starman04: My friends say I am good looking

chouette1: i want to meet for marriage !

chouette1: REALY!!!!!!!

chouette1: SERIOSE!!!!!!!

cottoncandy_1: rocket I told you to eat shit and die..go do it

birdseye22: deep, i am so ugly, when i was born, the midwife slapped my mother

patty53ca: who the hell in their right mind would advertise a tiny dick

katieh: well, as exciting as this all is.............I've got to go do the dishes

SWEETHONEY65: same old shit

Cha_La_Key_Rose64683: <<hands lace (__)>

Lace_Levies: oh ty Rose

Lace_Levies: i needed that

poc_pop: took a shower, shaved, brush my teeth, gettin ready for another nite alone. lol

apa212: the only trouble with firday is its to close to monday

gab55: id give up working but i like to stick people with needles too much

katieh: just us folks with no life are here lol

katieh: I wish I could sleep late..........I suffer from middle-aged bladder lol

Cha_La_Key_Rose64683: i am like a mushroom...kept in the dark an fed bull-hit

Cnoble: cant cut the mustard still want to lick the jar lol

Cnoble: in my mind I'm a stud

PastorKnees: in my mind i'm a 2 x 4

SanDiego_Man: I wake up a stud but its down hill from there :(

Methaz: yeah old people find it hard to type

Methaz: they outta breath after half a sentence

Methaz: or there fingers hurt

Methaz: old bones ya know

Cnoble: since I had my hemroids fixed I'm perfect

snowie323: mike go stick your head up your ass and have a good fart

snoNunWithAHabit: lol Blind. I'm asking him for a meaningless relationshit

wie323: as the giraffe one said the high balls are on me lol

CanadianGoose_2: he pissed in my beer

katieh: << been in here over 20 mins, and still don't have a clue about who's talking about what, or why

Paul_in_Wales: Noooooooo but you can love me and be married to another

CanadianGoose_2: i jsut darank a bottle of blinds hawgs piss

nighteagle55: treat people with respest and it works well don't be like these other idoits

nighteagle55: my God I'm glad I got better morals than these idiots

nighteagle55: do these people stay on the porn channel all day and come here during breaks?

nighteagle55: what part of read my damn profile before you try to pm me don't these idiots understand

cat_nap: do you wang wellies willie?

starrwoode: how can arabs be so dumb

starrwoode: why would anyone be from riyadh

hanbare5: you mean to say some of the women that come in here are bitches???

hanbare5: don't get your knickers in a twist

hanbare5: shall i send naked pics of you to everyone?

imyours2004: omg this room is crazy

And here are a few more I picked up on Eyeball Chat:

designgirl987: yeah... about makes me sick thinking a 12 year old would be on here

robuck3uk: sex is the german number after funf

Bob59tx: wow,,,,yu found a woman who can chat for only a second?

SanDiego_Man: never raise hand to spoiled child...leaves groin exposed

PrunedDame_ish: New game for those over 50: Hide and Go Pee. lol

adele1: i once cammed someone very respectably dressed ......until he got up to answer the phone

SanDiego_Man: I dont drink I dont smoke I dont tell dirty jokes I dont know how long I been dead

billdur_38: I'm rolling a fag ........he is fighting back

halfpint_gal_2004: I came into this world with a guarantee................that one day I would be leaving it

birdseye223: i am so old, i knew michael jackson when he was black

hanbare5: brb gotta go shake hands with the unemployed (take a leak)

gab55: <-- would call 911 but i have no eleven on my phone

siboxx: am going to cook my dinner now and force myself to eat the disgusting result - bye all tc xx

siboxx: ind some people are silent and are thought stupid - you speak and remove all doubt

uncleremus123uk: my keyboard screws up after the 3rd drink

Druid_Girl: devon, I have decided that I like you. mostly because you dont seem to like me

bashful99: well room -- looks like I may be victim of yet another frustrated lonely lady who is making things up

Druid_Girl: besides, I have a little list called "dicks I have seen unwittingly" lol

slowdancingman12: when irish eyes are smilin she up to something lol

johnthedog: Are women allowed on the internet?

Down_Under_Thunda: does anybody realise that a banana has 5 sides?

Blindsided54: it must be the desperate hour here........

justgrace73: sorry your was about to start the lapdances

This, from the Arabic-speaking room:

WwoWowW: ?????????????????????????????????

alzaaaaaaaaaagb: ??????

obviously, my chat software cannot interpret the Arabic fonts used.

I had collected some of the extreme vulgarities as well but my websites are "Family" rated so won't show them.

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