BREAD (*really good*, fast version)

Makes 10 good-sized loaves - this way you can probably fill your oven twice for maximum energy efficiency.
I've been making this bread now for 30+ years and still love it.

75 ml Fermipan Instant Yeast (5 rounded teaspoons)
2 litres warm milk (9 cups)
165 ml corn oil (2/3 cup)
165 ml honey (2/3 cup)
13.5 litres white flour (prox 15 cups)
1000 ml whole wheat flour (4 cups)
4 egg whites (well beaten)
15 ml salt (1 tablespoon)

Mix the yeast with 5 cups of flour and set aside.

Combine in a very large bowl: milk, oil, honey, salt. Stir until salt and honey are dissolved.
Add 4 cups white flour and all four cups of whole wheat flour.
Add the eggs, beat well and add the yeast/flour mixture and mix well.
Add more flour and continue to mix well. Don't add so much that the dough becomes stiff.
Grease your hands with margarine as needed.
Work in more flour by hand until the dough is not "runny" but not so much that it becomes "heavy."
Grease the bowl with margarine, put the big ball of dough into it and rub margarine all over it.
Cover with a towel and set in a warm place for 20 minutes.
Punch it back down and make 10 equal-size portions.
Put these into greased bread pans.
When fully risen, preheat the oven to 350F (165C) and bake the 5 largest loaves for 20 minutes. Then bake the other 5. Let them sit in the bread pans for 5 minutes before shaking them out.
If they stick, set the pans on one side for a short while, then on the other side. As soon as you take them out of the pans, rub the tops with butter and rub with a towel to remove any excess.