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I hope this will be of some help:

Those whose eyes are not what they should be, might find this site helpful: http://www.readeasily.com/index.php?font=12

A friend of mine was born with Cerebral Palsy. He writes poetry and has created http://www.inspirationalcorner.com for your enjoyment of his inspirational poetry. You also can buy his poetry as bookmarks, Calendars, and To-Do-Lists.

If you are in a wheelchair, you really must check this out:

AND THIS INCREDIBLE one I found Oct. 12, 2008: http://sciencio.com/computer-science/9-1/474-hal-you-can-bring-back-your-legs-for-us2200-per-month.html.

On that site I see this:

Saturday, 11 October 2008 19:44

Robotic suits named HAL, or "Hybrid Assistive limb" are demonstrated during a press conference at the headquarters of Cyberdyne, a new company in Tsukuba, outside Tokyo.

Mouse Problems: if you find it difficult to control your hands/arms/fingers when trying to use your mouse, this may help: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;139517

Keyboard Problems: I am trying to find a place where the disabled can obtain this helpful item at little or no cost; see details at: http://www.workshopsolutions.com/COMPLETE/keybrd1.htm

Point-N-Click is a FREE stand-alone on-screen virtual mouse designed for anyone with a disability that makes it difficult or impossible to click a physical computer mouse. Get it at http://www.polital.com/pnc/ and see the other links to resources for the disabled at that site as well.

I read this in http://www.lockergnome.com/ The Lockergnome (Chris Pirillo's delightful e-zine)

Double-clicking is as much a part of my daily routine as is brushing my teeth. Scary, ain't it? There's an invisible rectangle limiting the area in which one may perform the second click. By default, the horizontal and vertical values are 4. To enlarge this area (for those of you who can't stop moving your mouse long enough to complete the double-click operation), you'll need to do some registry diving. Click the Start Button, select Run, then enter "REGEDIT" (without the quotes). Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop; look in the right pane. You should find two existing string values: DoubleClickWidth and DoubleClickHeight. You can change their values to suit your needs; the area is measured in pixels.

People with paralyzed legs and hands (quadriplegics) might find this helpful: http://gravitonus.com/health/.

A couple of ideas:

Some disabled persons have taken a good number of my UNFINISHED Diamond Willow sticks and have finished them at home at their leisure, and then sold them; beautiful hiking sticks and / or canes. Link at the bottom of this page, to http://www.sticksite.com/

If the disabled person is able to to some simple carpentry, (s)he might enjoy making PICNIC TABLES. I have complete, detailed instructions with pictures at one of my most popular websites: http://www.sticksite.com/picnic/index.html.

Here are some more links:

Alliance for Technology Access: http://www.ataccess.org/

American Medical: http://www.ama-assn.org

American Stroke Association: http://www.strokeassociation.com/

Brain Actuated Technologies: http://www.brainfingers.com/

Click-N-Type: an on-screen virtual keyboard designed for anyone with a disability (search Google for "click-n-type")

COARE Enterprises: http://www.coare.com/ a Canadian web site lifestyle company that distributes products and services to people with disabilities

Cobshell Plus: http://www.educ.umu.se/~cobian/cobshellplus.htm Cobshell is an application that intents to help people with any kind of coordination disabilities , movement disabilities or visual problems (and maybe other kinds of problems) to handle with a computer. It can also be useful for children (4 years or less). The program provides an interface with 6 big buttons covering the WHOLE screen. You can configure each button to run a program. You can also customize each button with a bmp file. You can also customize each button to play a wave file. A password feature has also been added to prevent any users to change the configuration. The initial password is blank. You can change it with the configuration button.

Columbia Education: http://cpmcnet.columbia.edu/texts/guide

Drug Index: http://www.rxlist.com

Family Medicine: http://www.bewell.com

Georgia Tech Center for Assistive Technology Environmental Access: http://www.assistivetech.net/

Gus Communications: http://www.gusinc.com/

Healthy Living, Love and Finances: http://www.thirdage.com

Mayo Health: http://www.mayohealth.org

Microsoft has a large resource for disabled persons at: http://www.microsoft.com/enable/products/windocs.htm

Tetra Society of North America: http://www.reachdisability.org/tetra/ their homepage states: "DEDICATED TO ASSISTING PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES ACHIEVE AN INDEPENDENT AND FULFILLING LIFE IN THE COMMUNITY."

What is tardive dyskinesia?

Tardive dyskinesia is characterized by repetitive and involuntary movements of facial muscles, but can also include rapid movements of the arms, legs and trunk. Specific facial symptoms may include rapid eye blinking, tongue protrusion, lip smacking, pursing and puckering, or grimacing.

for those with Dyslexia:

I got a Kindle e-book reader from Amazon.com and while studying it, I ran across several comments from users, such as this one: "After the initial fascination of Kindle technical details I started to read. I immediately noticed that it's an excellent equipment for dyslexics. Skillful text formatting significantly facilitates reading comprehension."

See my page for a LOT of info about the Kindle and a link for buying one: http://www.sticksite.com/kindle/index.html.

If you are BLIND, you will find this page MOST interesting: (See also the above item) http://www.seeingwithsound.com/winvoice.htm.

AND see eGuideDog. The eGuideDog project develops free software for the blind. It includes a browser, a text-to-speech engine, screen reader and any other software that can help the blind to access digital information. They are making the world a better place, and we take our hats off to them! Give them a look at http://sourceforge.net/blog/potm-201102/.

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