optical illusion

This is the most incredible OPTICAL ILLUSION ever!!

Years ago I ran across this somewhere and made it. It did NOTHING and in disappointment, I forgot about it.

Then I ran across it again after somebody sent me this. I tried AGAIN and this time I did it RIGHT and the result "blew me away." I was so excited that I made a whole bunch of them and gave them away. My son tells me his kids "freaked out" when they saw it.

The "Dragon" Optical Illusion

I prefer to print it in color on Premium Inkjet Paper rather than really thin paper.

The only TRICKY thing is that you fold and glue it NOT the way you would expect! Watch these steps very carefully:

- Read *carefully* the "mountain fold" and the "valley fold" instructions.

- Use a dry, empty ballpoint pen to make creases where you have to fold it before you cut it out.

optical illusion optical illusion

This is how you put it together (before gluing); yes, I know that looks "all wrong" but that is the way; you'll see; trust me!

Once you have it put together, this tip from David should guarantee that you will see it correctly:

"The trick is to build it correctly. But then you have to look at it from fairly close and with 1 eye. Make sure you look it first until it appears the face is not concave, but convex (kind of like the "WRONG!" one), and now when you move it around it really does follow your gaze. wow!!"

These should give you an idea of how it LOOKS LIKE he actually moves his head from side to side or up and down to follow your gaze.

optical illusion optical illusion

If you are looking at it from fairly close-up (e.g. up to 2 meters) then it is best to cover one eye. If further away from it, you can keep both eyes open.

And, now it is YOUR TURN; you can download this one; just right-click on it and save)

optical illusion

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Diamond Willow Sticks

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