Flying Cylinders

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flying cylinder

We all have played with paper airplanes or darts and enjoyed how nicely they fly.

For a long list of paper airplanes, visit and another good one at

flying cylinder

Now there is a "New Kid on the Block" ........... or a "New Flyer on the Block" and I call mine the "Flying Cylinder." THIS IS REALLY COOL! For ages 4 to 94. Trust me. I just made a couple of them and tried them indoors and outside and amazed myself. These are two of mine.

Both are made from scrap file-folders. The one on the left has paper clips around it (with Scotch Tape over them) and the other has a band of metal which is actually a "roll-up" yard-stick.

Of course they will look better if you color them; use your imagination; maybe a spiral would look nice?

Also, I suggest you experiment with different lengths and different diameters. My longest one (above) is 7 inches long.

flying cylinder

Both of these work VERY well. All you do is throw them like a football, so that they are spinning. You will be surprised at how FAR they will go, how FAST they will fly and how STRAIGHT they will fly.

Here is my latest one, made from a large soft-drink bottle, first, cutting it and then showing how I wrapped wire around one end.

flying cylinder

And it works too! I did not cut the back end in a wavy manner as the others but it works anyway. The KEY is to throw it as you would throw a football, that is, make it SPIN as it leaves your hand.

There is a little video of this thing in action and being thrown incredible distances at

flying cylinder

This is my most recent one; made from a tin can. It has a lot of weight around the front end and electrical tape to hold all that together. Of course the back end is wide open too. No idea yet if it will work. Best thing here is to TRY, TRY and TRY again. Experiment!

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