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NOTE: This page is being updated quite often; things keep changing!

If you are a WebMaster or simply put up the occasional website, this may help you. There are a lot of places which will host your website free of charge and I have tried out many of them. When I hear of another one, I try it out as soon as I can. Some are good, some are not. This is the result of my findings. For each one which I liked, I provide my own URL so that you can see what the host does to it in terms of banners and/or popup ads. Note that some of these hosts do NOT put any ads on your pages. If you find that some have improved their service, please let me know. If any sample links don't work, please tell me that too. NOTE: I am very critical here; there are so very many of these "free hosts" available that you and I can "afford" to be fussy. Before we get into my findings, please let me make a few of suggestions/comments:

  1. before doing any uploading, make sure file names do NOT include any hyphens or other symbols such as ~ nor ^ nor &, AND make sure all filenames are in lower case only. Also, keep to the "8.3" format, e.g. ""

  2. name your main page "index.html" (or "index.htm") and keep all files in one folder on your hard disk.

  3. If you are concerned about your copyrights to your material, be sure to study the "terms of reference" or similar documentation to see if they might "take" possession of your material.

  4. Most tell you they don't want you putting "objectionable" or "copyrighted" material on your site. Please take note.

  5. Note that some will not let you upload ZIP files, MP3 files nor files over a certain size

  6. When uploading, don't be fooled into thinking that your system has gone wonky if nothing seems to be happening, and all you see at the bottom of your screen "Connect: Contacting host:" or some such note; it may be busily uploading but you won't be told.

  7. If you click on the 'htm' file to view your newly uploaded page, maybe you won't see it and wonder what happened; note your taskbar; it may be hidden behind the host's File Manager page.

  8. Note that some places expect you to put a checkmark beside "Overwrite" if that is what needs to be done and other places overwrite the existing file by default.

  9. Note that all these free hosts may toss popup or popunder ads at your visitors and even set cookies.

  10. ABOVE ALL: KEEP BACKUPS!! THESE FREE HOSTS MAY DISAPPEAR WITH ALL YOUR FILES, NEVER TO BE HEARD FROM AGAIN. That's what happened to several of my pages. These are the ones I've tried:

The Ones I Like:

1. Angelfire: sample page: ONE SUGGESTION: if you find that the window listing your files is the size of a postage stamp, you can enlarge it. Login to your account and go to

2. BizHosting: sample page:

3. Bravenet: sample page:
BUT, notice the TERRIBLE popup ads all over the sample page! Truly bad stuff.

4. FortuneCity: sample page:

5. FreeHyperspace: (NO ADS!) sample page WAS at: but is now gone.

This is unusual; I tried to log in but could not. I got this notice instead:
notice from Hyperspace
The link for the "gang" is to but I did not dare go there.

6. Topcities:

Note in March, 2010 I checked and found my site had disappeared. No warning.

7. Tripod: sample page:

8. Yahoo/Geocities:


9. 20Megs: sample page:

10. 50Megs: sample page: In March, 2010 I checked and found my site and account were GONE. I re-registered and set the site up again.

11. 100MegsFree: sample page:

12. 150Megs: sample page:

These provide lists of free hosts:

The Ones I Do *not* Like: Most likely, many of them are already gone/dead. Don't waste your time with any of these! Some of them disappeared without warning, taking my website with them.


If I have been "unfair" to any host, and they have improved their system, please let me know; I'd be happy to move them from the "...DON'T like..." to the "...LIKE..." section!

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