Diamond Willow

"PURE ART by Mom Nature"

INTRODUCTION to Diamond Willow

My cabin sits at the edge of civilization (in Northern Alberta, Canada) on 320 acres which is mine. Of that, I have 130 acres under cultivation but the other 190 is moose pasture. Fortunately, there is a lot of DIAMOND WILLOW on it, and this makes beautiful walking sticks. These sticks are gorgeous! Every one is unique. Once you own one and feel it, stroke it, fondle it, you BOND with it. They have a fantastic "feel" about them. Some call them "Canadian Bear Bonkers." Some are really BIG and Mel O. suggested we call them "moose bonkers." I am sending sticks all over North America; Alabama to Alaska, New York to California, Europe, Africa.....

And it is all carved by Mom Nature.

Some sticks are white which indicates that they were harvested while still growing; others are brown which means they were not.

Willow is a rather unique plant. 2,300 years ago Hippocrates noted that people could chew willow leaves to relieve pain. Willow leaves contain a form of Aspirin.

I let all my sticks dry for at least one full year before I finish them or sell them.

my ARGO A.T.V.

Here I am, heading out (on my private trail) for another load of Diamond Willow. Yes, I need to replace that fancy "bridge" every few years.

the ULTIMATE All Terrain Vehicle

I just got back to the cabin with a load, using the amphibious ARGO All Terrain Vehicle. Next comes the skinning job. Then the drying for 1 1/2 years.

Is Diamond Willow good to CARVE? Since I've been asked that, I added a page where you can see what some carvers have done with DW which they got from me. To see their work, click HERE.

Everything you could possibly ask about HOW to finish a stick is on my website at HERE.

Shipping: I usually send sticks via Snail-Mail and they take up to 3 weeks to get to their destination. Postage depends on the weight and measurements of the parcel as well as its destination. If you want delivery within about 2 days and you have an account with FedEx, I can send them that way.

If you don't trust *me*....... well, find a friend or relative who lives in my area and have them come over and check me out; have them email me ahead to make sure I am here. THERE IS NO RISK! A lot of folks in the USA who travel to visit Alaska come through my home town; have them stop in!

What others have said: (just a FEW of the compliments I have received) click HERE.

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Diamond Willow Sticks

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