My Kindle Fun


This page tells about my experiences, good or bad, with Amazon's amazingly-popular best-seller e-book reader, the "Kindle."

I wanted one mainly to see how easy it would be to download "A Million or so Kindle books" from the internet.

In my "Database" website I had been listing e-book resources and making notes about e-books for some time so it was time to check out those resources.

Plus, I wanted to see if I could make my own writings suitable to work with a Kindle.

With its reputed long battery life, it would be much nicer to use at the cabin than my laptop which does not have long battery-life.

I am in northern Canada where winters can be long and chilly.

This website is both for my own benefit and for others who may be wondering if they should get one, and those who just got one and are struggling with a few questions. It seems to be working; I got this very nice email from R.H. in Gold River, California:

I found your website to be extremely helpful, as I plan to buy a Kindle tomorrow.

Thanks for answering some questions I had and giving me some information I hadn't even thought of.


Just to give you an idea of how terribly EASY my Kindle 3 is to use: the Kindle was laying on the coffee table, turned OFF. I was searching the WWW for free books. Most that I found were at Amazon in a long list so I went down that list, looking at the "rating" readers had given for each book. If I thought I might like to read it, TWO clicks was all it needed. NOTHING more at that point. A few were at other websites, and I downloaded those to my 'puter's desktop. Later, I turned off the computer and watched some TV. I noted the Kindle on the coffee table so picked it up and turned it back on. It was not hooked up nor plugged in to ANYTHING. Immediately I saw the "book count" number rise from 29 to 38 in about 15 seconds. That meant that in about 15 seconds Amazon's wonderful system has sent those 9 books to my Kindle automatically with NOTHING for me to do AND, nothing to PAY! Next morning when I turned on the 'puter again, I copied the other books from 'puter to Kindle with the USB cable. Truly amazing!

Ordering my Kindle

You've seen the ad on TV; me too. So I went to Amazon online and placed an order on Feb. 19, 2011, for the $139. unit.

1 "Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology [Includes USB Cable for Charging. For International Shipment]"
Accessory; $139.00

Sold by: Amazon Export Sales, Inc.
1 "M-Edge Latitude Kindle Jacket, Navy Blue (Fits 6" Display, Latest Generation Kindle)"
Accessory; $29.99

They did tack on another $20.28 for possible customs duties; I may get that back. Amazon expected it to arrive here between March 4 and March 16 but, surprisingly, it came on Feb. 24.

Later I got an email saying that they were crediting me $11.79 for "Export Charge Refund."

Immediately I emailed a few people this message: "The Kindle has Landed. That's one small step for Amazon; a giant leap for This ol' Man."

To order YOURS, simply click the link further down this page. And Thanks!

The User's Guide:

Shortly after ordering I got a couple of emails confirming my order and telling me I could download the PDF guide from

Also, there is a lot of good information at:

And another excellent guide at

Be sure to REGISTER your new Kindle:

As soon as you get your Kindle, no doubt it will register itself as soon as you let it access your wireless Local Area Network but if it does not, you'll probably have some problems with it. Once it is registered at Amazon, you'll see in the top-left corner "Ken's Kindle" (or whatever name YOU have!) If it says "My Kindle" it probably is not yet registered.

While you *can* register it using the Kindle itself, I found it MUCH easier to do that little job on the computer. Just be sure to have your credit card handy.

Software Update:

Then they told me:

We have a new, free software update for your Kindle that will be delivered via a Wi-Fi connection over the next few days. To receive the update, please turn your wireless on and connect to an available Wi-Fi network (learn how to set up Wi-Fi on your Kindle). The software update will automatically download in the background and install when your Kindle goes into sleep mode. The update should take less than 10 minutes to complete. If a Wi-Fi connection is not available or you would prefer to transfer the update via USB, please view these instructions.

More on updating your Kindle at

Charging my Kindle:

kindleIt came with a USB cable so immediately I plugged it into my Asus lappy to charge the battery.

The wee manual says "A charging icon in the upper-right corner of your Kindle screen indicates that the battery is charging. When your battery is fully charged, the charge indicater light will turn green."

Well, after charging for awhile, this window popped up but the light on the Kindle was still not green and there WAS NO icon in the upper-right corner at all! A bit later the green light came on.

How many books can my Kindle 3 Hold?

Of course that depends. See notes on this page for ways to NOT WASTE storage space on your Kindle. I asked this question on the forum and "JeremyR" replied: "It really depends on what sorts of books you read. A novel can be anywhere from about 200kb to several megabytes if it's full of pictures.

Books from Amazon itself tend to be bigger than ones gotten elsewhere. Almost a megabyte on average. So that would be 3000 books at that rate. Probably half as much again, but 3000 seems about the minimum you can expect. (If you are using mobi files, anyway, not PDF)" Thanks, JeremyR!

SO, if you can get even 3,000 books on a Kindle 3, and if a book is an average of one inch thick, that means a pile of books about 250 feet or 76 meters! That's a LOT of space on a bookshelf!



Another half hour of bumbling around and I had it wirelessly connected to my lappy and it soon told me to stand back, it was updating itself. No instructions on how I could update MYSELF though.

Is it OFF or ON?

Turning it OFF was something I had to READ about in the guide. When I slide the power switch and release it, it SEEMS to turn off but a picture shows on it; every time you do this you get a different picture. This means the Kindle has gone to SLEEP. Even though there is that picture, it is no longer using power, unless the WIFI is on. To really turn it OFF, you need to HOLD the power switch for seven seconds. Then, it will turn OFF and the screen will be white. Had me fooled!

"Mark" told me: "By its very nature e-ink only uses power when the page is being rendered, once the ink is in its layout page for reading or any other screen no power is consumed. There is no need to switch off a Kindle properly to save power. Your instructions for turning it completely off are indeed true but unnecessary, Amazon themselves even state it should be left in sleep mode as opposed to turning it right off. Whenever you push the menu button the top option should be to either "Turn Wireless On" or "Turn Wireless Off", select turn it off to do so. I am not sure if having wireless on when in sleep mode drains the battery, I suspect not, but if it's on when you are reading, even if you are not using the WiFi, it will drain power quicker. THANKS, MARK!

Using the Kindle WHILE charging:

kindle When you have your Kindle connected to the 'puter's USB port, and it is charging, you'll see the screen which tells you "...but eject your Kindle....." and that has a lot of people confused. See the thread at,54997.0.html for that discussion.

The bottom line here is that you should NOT use the little icon in your Windows computer's Systray to "Safely Eject" certain hardware connected to the computer.

INSTEAD, click START, then "Computer" and then in the left frame, RIGHT-click "Kindle" and choose "eject" as you see on the right here.

Alternately, in the right frame, do your clicking there instead, as you see on the left here.


Adding a "Collection:"

The guide explains at 2.2 how you can create a new "Collection" and do all kinds of cool things with it. I wondered why my new collection did not show anywhere when I viewed the folders and files in Windows Explorer. The reply I got in the forum was "A collection is not technically a folder. You are not going to see it amongst the folders on the Kindle device when it is attached to your computer via USB." My new collection DOES appear as it should, in the "Home" list.

Another added "Yeah, collections are really more like "tags" than folders. The location of the file isn't changed (it's not put in some new folder) and you can give books multiple "tags" (i.e., have them in multiple collections).

And yet one more helpful soul added this: "Think of a Collection like a Shortcut you create in Windows. It is a pointer to the actual file location but it is a Kindle-type shortcut and does not affect what you see in Windows. And like a shortcut, you can have a book (or its shortcuts) in more than one collection. So, if the book is Fiction it can be referenced in a Fiction collection but also, if you have a CurrentReading Collection, it could be there, too. And, no, the file is NOT duplicated but, again, only a shortcut or reference to it occurs in Collections.

Now some people do create Folders that mirror their collection but it is not necessary. All the books can remain in the Documents folder or folders UNDER Documents such as


Go back to the Beginning of a Book:

If you are in a book and want to return to the start, rather than pressing the "Next Page" button many times, you can go back to the start much faster. The Manual explains how in 3.3. Press the Menu button and choose "Go to...." and pick an option there.

Surfing the DUB-DUB-DUB, a.k.a. the WWW:

It was nice to see how quickly and easily it would go onto the WWW and I typed in my own URL and brought up my site very nicely, from

To do that, I clicked "Menu" and went down to "Search" and typed in my URL and then clicked "go to web." It was likewise very easy to type a search term, e.g. "dreaming" into the "Search" bar and then click "search google" and find websites dealing with that subject, BUT it would NOT play Flash videos.

Reading in the dark:


The Kindle itself does not provide any light, any more than do the books you just gave away. Some prefer a light that fastens to the Kindle. I use one that has a head-band. This one can also clip onto a hat but I don't wear my hat in the house.

Taking a Screenshot:

You can "take a picture" of what the Kindle is displaying.

Hold down "Alt" and "Shift" (the 'up' arrow next to it) and press "G." That will take a picture of whatever is on the Kindle screen and store it as a GIF in the "documents" folder and you can display it with Windows Explorer as you see here.

The actual size of this image was 600x800. The file name will be "screen_shot-xxxxx.gif" where the xx's represent a number.

You cannot take a screenshot this way of the screen when the Kindle is in "charging mode."

Showing your Screenshot ON the Kindle:

You can't. I suppose you could take the GIF screenshot and save it with Irfanview as a JPG and save that with your other images though.

Showing your pictures:

First, you need a FOLDER on the Kindle for your pictures:

Plug the Kindle into your computer and show the 4 folders (see "Folders in the Kindle" above) and then make a new folder, NOT inside one of the existing folders; call it "Pictures." Now, INSIDE THAT NEW FOLDER, make another folder called, for example, "my pix."

Now you can drag the pictures from the relevant folder in your computer into that second folder you just made. When done, safely eject the Kindle from the computer and in the Kindle, at the "Home" window, press ALT + Z to make the pictures folder show somewhere in your list of documents/books. You can then view them as you would a book, even rotate to "landscape" format.

kindle Note that to save storage space on the Kindle, you can, using a program such as the FREE Irfanview, do quite a lot; here is what works for me, using Irfanview. The original, color image was 3.85Mb and measured 3264 x 1832 pixels. Much too big for the Kindle.

You can get the FREE Irfanview AND Plugins at

open the image (best work with a COPY of the original!)
IF necessary, fix the colors: Image | Auto adjust colors (or use "Color corrections")

1. Edit | Create custom crop selection (or Shift/C) see the window ------>
2. Width: 800 and Height 600, "pixels" and "None" for "Width : Height ratio" and Image DPI of 167
3. "Save and apply to image" and note the rectangle on your image; Look HARD!
4. Now, click anywhere in the rectangle with the RIGHT mouse button and drag it to where you want it.
5. Edit | Crop selection

NOW...... if you have too small a part left, you will need to resize the original image first:
Edit | Undo (to get back to where you started)
Resize the image to the size you think will be about right and repeat the above steps
Finally, Image | Convert to Grayscale
save your image with a new file name and move it to the Kindle.

When viewing your photos on your Kindle, you can manipulate them:
Q will zoom in, W will zoom out, R will rotate, E will reset, F will toggle full screen, and you can use the 5-way to move the image.

To remove any of your pictures from the Kindle, do so in Windows Explorer.

Storing your own documents on the Kindle:

The easiest way is to download "SendToKindleForPC-installer.exe" and there will be a Mac version "soon." You can get it at

Kindle-compatible file types:

There are numerous formats for e-books and not every e-book is compatible with every e-book reader. If you need to convert an e-book from one format to another, the free Calibre tool might help; get it from Calibre at

The Kindle can handle PDF, MOBI, PRC, AZW, TPZ and TXT files as well as MP3 and audible files. Some others can be converted to Kindle-compatible format with Calibre. Another resource for converting epub files to work on the Kindle is to convert them with the free service from RetroRead. You can find these good folks at

Video playback is not supported by Kindle.

One more free tool for converting documents to the Kindle-friendly .mobi format comes to us from

Wrong File Types:

I made the mistake of dragging/dropping an EPUB file (NOT supported by the Kindle, unfortunately) into the Kindle's "documents" folder. It did NOT show up on the HOME page list of books in the Kindle. I went back into Windows Explorer and deleted the EPUB file from the documents.

Deleting a document (book) from your Kindle:

Very easy; in "Home" scroll to the file you want to delete, press the left arrow key on the 5-way controller and when "remove from device" comes up, press the middle button.

This can be awkward. I had my books in the Kindle in alphabetic order. I finished reading a book with the title starting with "R" so it was far from the start of the list produced by the "Home" button and by the time I'd gone through many pages of the list of books, I could not find that book to delete it. The solution to this is to sort the books "By Most Recent First" and you do that at the start of the list you get when you press the "Home" button. Move to the very top of that list and click to change the sort order.

Playing music on your Kindle:

If you have dragged some MP3 files from your 'puter to your Kindle, you can play them. At the HOME screen, click the Menu button and go down to "Experimental." Then click "Play MP3." Note that the speakers are on the back of the Kindle. To skip to the next song, hold the Alt key and press the F key. Don't forget there is a volume button on the front of the Kindle. When music is playing you can press "Home" and go back to reading your book. You will never see a list of your MP3 files ON your Kindle; to see them, you need to use your computer.

How much Storage Space in my Kindle?


Windows tells me that my Kindle has only 3.05 Gb of storage space for books etc. That agrees with what the Kindle "Specs" says.

Set the Time and date:

Time: on my Kindle 3 Wifi, here is what I did: "Home" and "Menu" and go to Page 2 of 3 and down to "Device Time" and there change the hour, the minutes, the am/pm and then the right-arrow of the 5-way so that "Save" turned black; then click that.

The time will appear when you are in the "Home" list and press "Menu."

Date: to see the date, in "Home" click "Menu" and then "Search." Type DATE and click "Search my items." Click the 5-way there and you'll find more info e.g. time zone.


I tried to get one to test this, and went to but that got to be quite a hairy performance so after I had installed their software and apparently downloaded a test file, I deleted the whole works. Not impressed. Will try it again sometime and probably have better luck. I found more audio books at "BooksShouldBeFree (link below) BUT take care; if you download an AUDIO book, it may be a HUGE file and take a LOT of space on your Kindle. For example, I downloaded "Buccaneers" from this site; it was a 199Mb ZIP file and UNzipped it was a staggering 208Mb; it plays for more than 7 hours! This is not very suitable for a Kindle with 3.05Gb of space so I burned it to CDs; it took SIX!

A case to protect your Kindle:

I got a case with mine from Amazon and it is VERY nice; cost me about $30. You can make your own if you prefer; one person did that and put the instructions on "Instructables" for you at . At the bottom of this page you'll see pictures of the HARD-SIDE case I made from an old textbook; after I made it, I added a bit of Velcro as a fastener so the book will not fall open.


The Kindle Forum is a great place to get answers to your Kindle questions and read other users' questions and answers. You can find the Forum at

Be sure to check out the "Sticky" by "koland" entitled "FREE (and bargain books for the Kindle - ......"

There is another EXCELLENT forum at KindleBoards: One hint: when you post a question on any forum, you might like to put a checkmark beside "Instant Notification" so that as soon as anyone replies, you'll get an email to advise you of it. DO NOT mention in any of your posts the serial number of your Kindle.

In the forums you may see the term "side-loading" as I did, and wonder what that means. I understand now that it refers to moving documents to the Kindle via the USB cable, rather than downloading the wirelessly from the WWW. Thanks Harry!

Folders in the Kindle:

The Kindle has (until you create more) four folders: (see & create them on your computer, in Windows Explorer)

1. .active-content-data........(is a hidden system folder. Don't touch it.)
2. audible............................(Audible AA, AAX you can listen to)
3. documents......................(for all your reading materials: PDF, MOBI, PRC, AZW, TPZ and TXT)
4. music..............................(for your music, MP3 files)

Battery light won't turn green:

If this is a problem, check out the postings in this thread: Sometimes, though, it just seems to take a lot longer than you expect, to turn green. No problem.

Reset the Kindle:

If "everything seems to be wrong" then you might want to "RESET" the Kindle. To do that, simply HOLD the "off button" on the front of the Kindle in the "Off" position for 15 seconds. Wait for the progress bar to finish.

Kindle Jokes:

I hope nobody minds if I copy the ones that "turn my crank" and paste them here.
Someone asked me: "How many books can you fit on it?"
I replied, "Over a thousand, but it tends to start getting heavy after a couple hundred."
Their response..."Oh."
Two bookworms over lunch, "Have you ever tried one of those ereaders?"
Second worm, "Yes, once, but it tasted funny"
First worm, "Could have been a joke book?"
Fred: Doesn't your wife get tired of you bowling and drinking every night?
Bill: No, she never even misses me, I got her a Kindle.
Question: How do you charge a Kindle?
Answer: Call Amazon, they take Visa, Mastercard . . .

Guy says to his friend; "I *used to* have a Kindle; not no more."
"Why don't you have a Kindle anymore?"
"We were at the cabin and it was getting cold; wife suggested she should fire up the stove and I told here 'Yeah; use the kindling' and she thought I said "Kindle."

Print a list of all your books:

I was not able to find a quick & easy way to do this so I did this. Used "Directory Printer" (in Win 7) and that made a txt file in Notepad. Then I had to clean it up by removing the duplicates for every book, the date, time, ".pdf" and "asi" ".mobi" etc etc. LOTTA work! When done, I used BigNotePad to alphabetize the list. You can get these two free tools at:

Directory Printer:

BigNotePad: and to alphabetize a list: "Tools | Select All" and then "Tools | Lines and Line Breaks | Sort selected lines in ascending order."

The problem with this is that the file names in Windows Explorer are not necessarily the same as the name displayed in the Kindle's "Home" list.

I'm told you can make a list with Calibre; they call it a "Catalog" but I found that horribly complicated and gave up on it.

Now, when I find books to download, I grab (Ctrl-C) the name of the book and author and paste (Ctrl-V) that into my text file to add it to the list.

When you have a lot of books in your Kindle, there probably is not much point in printing out a list.

Searching for a phrase:

You can search across all the books on your Kindle for a certain phrase; no need for me to copy the content of the User Manual here; you can find it all in Chapter 4, "Searching on Kindle." BUT, note: The 'exact' term would be included but there would be other instances too because, probably, most people would not know to use the quotation marks.

It seems they look for exact words but also give pages where all the words do show up in a form or another and not necessarily close together.


If you are tired of the "dead old authors" screen-saver pictures that Amazon feeds you, you can use your own pictures. I will NOT recommend it because it involves a "hack." But if you want to try it, instructions can be found at

Book will not show up on my Kindle 3:

I downloaded a file "Dante's Infirno.prc" of 6.87Mb and saved it on my 'puter's desktop along with some other downloads.
I plugged in the Kindle and dragged all of them to the "documents" folder and ejected the kindle.
Nowhere in my "Home" list did Dante's appear.
If I plugged the Kindle into the 'puter again, and viewed the Kindle's folders, it clearly showed in the "documents" folder correctly with file size.
If I then safely ejected the Kindle, I could not find that book in the "Home" list.
ANSWER thanks to the Good Folks in the Forum:
"Remember that the book will show up on the Kindle sorted either by its author or its title. The author should be "Dante Alighieri" (so it will show up listed under "A", not "D"!) and the title may well be "The Divine Comedy". Are you sure you're looking for it in the right place?"
For sure, it was in the Kindle as "THE DIVINE COMEDY, Complete" and not at all as it showed up in Windows Explorer. This seemed weird to me (and still seems very user-UNfriendly) and somebody explained:
"The file name is entirely irrelevant. The Kindle reads and displays the "metadata" (title, author, etc) from within the book."
This, of course led me to wonder how to alphabetize my files in the Kindle; see next item.

Sorting the files (books etc) in your Kindle's "Home" list:

kindle kindleThe preceding point brought up this issue. I wanted to show all my books in alphabetical order, not in whatever order they happened to be at the time.

On the left, here, you will see the top part of my "Home" screen. Note the dark bar under "books I have read(1)." I used the "up" button on the "5-way" to move that dark bar to show below "Showing All 52......" and then pressed the right-button on the 5-way and that brought up the "Sort Options" of "Most Recent First..... Title..... Author..... Collections" so I moved to "Title" and clicked the center of the 5-way.

Done. See the pic on the right here, which shows it just BEFORE I pressed the middle button. Note that books entitled "The....." will not appear under "T" because the Kindle will completely ignore "The."

Games on the Kindle:

Lots available at Amazon, see:

There are games built INTO the Kindle 3 too but the Manual does not mention them. Alt + SHIFT + M from Home screen = Minesweeper; Menu for options, GoMoku: G from Minesweeper.

Bookmarks in the Book you are Reading:

The Kindle will automatically remember where you are in a book but you can do it yourself too. Press Menu and select "Add a Bookmark." Note how the top-right corner of the page changes. You can also "View Notes & Marks." You can also set a bookmark by holding down the ALT key and pressing B. See the Manual at page 46 for more.


Amazon has indicated that the airport security machines will NOT hurt your Kindle.

Dead Kindle Battery:

Apparently, you can get a new battery here but if you mess with this, you'll void whatever warranty you have so be very careful. I saw a video to show how to replace the battery in the Kindle 2 at

Free books:

I was checking out the Forum and noted this thread:, "FREE (and bargain) books for the Kindle - February" so I went down that long list of free books and clicked one at random. Immediately I was on the Amazon site and after one click on the "Buy now with 1-click" (the price was $0.00) got the message that I could turn on my Kindle and read it. The "Deliver to" already had "Ken's Kindle" in it. WOW!! I turned on my Kindle, waited a moment, and the new book appeared on my "Home" page. It was there, free, ready to read. VERY VERY impressive.

If your Kindle is not turned on, any books which you have arranged to download will be downloaded by Amazon to your Kindle next time you turn it on. More below on this.

Be CAREFUL with your downloading:

It might be easy to "go grab tons of books" all over the WWW but be a bit careful with websites you are not sure about. I downloaded a "book" and had a minor problem with it. I went to the forum at KindleBoards and asked about it. "evrose" gave me this warning:

"As a general rule, downloading unknown files from the internet and loading those files on a variety of electronic devices is not a great idea. At best, the file could corrupt your computer and/or your Kindle. At worst, it could lead to a complete breakdown of society when you accidentally activate the triggering code for the start-up of the Skynet Artificial Intelligence - and nothing good can come from that. Nothing."

Free Kindle Application for your computer:

Some e-books are in formats which the Kindle cannot handle; maybe this FREE application will be able to. You can download it at

Saving a website on the Kindle:

I had a very long website which was all text; NO IMAGES but a LOT of information ( and wanted that on the Kindle. All I did: Open the site in my browser (Firefox) and "File | Save Page as" and for "File name" I removed the ".html" and in "Save as type:" chose "Text Files." Then I saved it on the desktop and in Windows Explorer, dragged the text file into the Kindle's "documents" folder. Simple! BUT, again, NO IMAGES.

Let Kindle read to you:

This is a very nice feature; when reading a book, press the Text Key, go down to "Text-to-Speech" and click to turn it on. Sit back and listen to your Kindle read the book to you.

Long Books vs Short Books:

When you press the "Home" button, not only does a list of all your books appear, but a dotted line under each title shows its relative length! Also shown under the title is a "Progress Bar showing how far into that book you are; this is not working for me though.

What Format to Download:

In some cases, a book will be in, for example, PDF format but it will not be "in text" in the sense that the pages of the book have been scanned as IMAGES and not converted into text. The result is that the book is a huge file. I found one book which, in PDF format, was 6.7Mb so instead I downloaded it "directly to my Kindle" and the resulting AZW file was only 459Mb; that saved a lot of storage space.

Amazon cannot send a Free book to Canada:

SOMEtimes you try to download a free book from the amazon site and are told that this particular book cannot be downloaded to Canada due to copyright restrictions. An example is: I asked in the forum and was good enough to suggest that I visit and download it there, to my desktop and then move it to my Kindle. There were numerous versions of the book at Archive so I went down the list until I found one suitable for the Kindle.

Weird file/book Names:

You might download a book as I did, with the title "The Everlasting Whisper" but when I found it on my desktop, it was entitled "10211021310213-8kindle.azw" instead. This would not be very enlightening so in Windows Explorer, I renamed it to the correct title.

Saving a Clipping:

Sometimes you are reading some kind of document and find some text that you really "need" to share with somebody. You can do this easily with a Kindle; here is how I did it: (note, you can't do this with PDF files).

Kindle is not connected with any cable and I am "in" a book at some text which I want to email.
press the "Menu" button
Use the 5-way controller to navigate down to "Add a Note or Highlight"
(this option won't show if you are in a PDF file)
A flashing cursor will appear in front of the last line of the page.
With the 5-way to move that cursor up to where you want your clip to start.
Press the 5-way; the cursor changes from vertical, to slanted.
Move the cursor with right and down 5-way buttons; when done, press the middle again.
The text you selected is now underlined. The text is instantly saved.

To view your clippings, in the "Home" list, select "My Clippings"

If you now plug the Kindle into the computer, in Windows Explorer you will see, in the Kindle's "documents" folder, a file "My Clippings.mbp" and another "My Clippings.txt" and you can open the latter in Notepad or similar Text Editor.

To remove a highlight from a book:
while "in" the book:
choose "View notes and marks"
press the "Del" button on the keyboard to delete that underlined text.
move down to "Close Note & Marks" and click there.

Feedback TO Amazon and Customer Support:

Amazon invites you (and me too!) to give them your feedback. Email them at
If you need to contact them regarding your Kindle, email them at

Your booklists at Amazon:

You can log in at and see all your Amazon books in categories; you can "rate" them there too.

Get a second-hand Kindle?

If you got a Kindle from somebody else who had registered it (and no doubt DID so!) then you will have to DE-register it and then register it in your own name. In the Kindle: Menu/Settings/Registration/deregister when the Kindle is online. If you don't have an account with Amazon, you'll need to set up an account; there is no cost for this. Then, go to and click "Your Account" and then under "Digital Content, click "Manage Your Kindle." There, you can register it. You will get an Amazon email account which will look something like this: (yourname) Then you need to go to the Amazon "Manage your Kindle" page and set the valid email addresses which will be allowed to send emails to that address.

Free "Kindle for PC:"

If you are not quite ready to get a Kindle you can get a "simulated" one free, to run on your computer.
You can get it here: Kindle for PC 1.8.3 Build 36179

How to GET your own KINDLE from Amazon:

This $139 unit is the one I have. Specs:

Model Number - D00901, mine is the Kindle 3.
Display - 6" diagonal display, 600 x 800 pixel resolution, 16-level gray scale.
Size - 7.48 inches by 4.84 inches by 0.34 inches (190 mm by 123 mm by 8.5 mm).
Weight - Kindle Wi-Fi: 8.5 ounces (240 g); Kindle 3G+Wi-Fi: 8.7 ounces (247 g)
Storage - 4GB internal storage, with approximately 3GB available to the user.
Audio - 3.5mm stereo headphone jack, built-in stereo speakers, built-in microphone. The microphone is not enabled but is provided for future use.
Power - AC power adapter and rechargeable lithium polymer battery.
Connectivity - USB 2.0 (micro-B connector). HSDPA/GSM wireless modem in Kindle with international wireless.
Operating temperature - 32F to 95F (0C to 35C).
Storage temperature - 14F to 113F (-10C to 45C).
Wi-Fi - 802.11b or 802.11g

For those with poor eyesight:

You might do better with the Kindle DX which has a larger screen and can make text much larger.

Quick Notes to Carry in your Kindle Case:

I made a very short summary of the above notes, including only the kinds of notes you might need when you are away from the computer and don't want to dig into the manual in the Kindle. It is a very small ".rtf" file of 4.67Kb and it prints out in small font very nicely in Wordpad. Download it HERE.

Which VERSION of Kindle do you have?

Nothing on my Kindle nor on the invoice nor in the Amazon emails indicated which Kindle I was getting. On the forums, people keep referring to their "Kindle 1" or "Kindle 2" etc etc and I felt "left out" so asked in the forum; I was told to look at my Serial Number and look for:
(this was Feb. 28, 2011:)
B001 = Kindle 1
B002 = Kindle 2 U.S. (Sprint)
B003 = Kindle 2 International (AT&T)
B004 = Kindle DX U.S.
B005 = Kindle DX International
B006 = Kindle 3 3G + WiFi Graphite/White (U.S. and Canada) NOTE: Some European cities may receive this serial number as well.
B008 = Kindle 3 WiFi (mine)
B009 = Kindle DX Graphite
B00A = Kindle 3 3G + WiFi Graphite (Europe)

To find YOUR s/n: Menu and then Settings

More resources for FREE books:

Personally, I subscribe to EreaderiQ and they email me daily to tell me of the new, FREE books available at Amazon. You can find them and subscribe, free, at BUT notice that a book which is FREE today, may NOT be free any longer, tomorrow!* (audiobooks)
http:// (HUGE files; PDF file with images ONLY) (Canada)

*Google is listed above but many folks are finding Google to be UNfriendly toward Kindle for various reasons and so I must suggest NOT trying to get free books for your Kindle there. Too bad.

This one lists the same books as Amazon, in fact, TAKES you there, but lists the newest ones on the top of their page which is handy. They also send out emails to advise re new, free books:

If you read PDF books on your e-reader, then the FREE tool "Briss" might be a very useful item; more about it and a download link at "This project aims to offer a simple cross-platform application for cropping PDF files. A simple user interface lets you define exactly the crop-region by fitting a rectangle on the visually overlaid pages.

If you are a writer or an author or a "wannabe-author" you might enjoy these sites:

AND see the book which I scanned, converted with OCR to text, then to PDF and EPUB as well as TXT; you can download it from

Teachers will, I think, appreciate these pages: (I'll make these into clickable links if I find enough good resources.)

P.S. If you are an "old-fashioned" person (and I mean that in a NICE way BECAUSE I am one!) and you prefer PAPER books, then you might find my page here interesting:

Some Screenshots:

the main, "Home" screen where everything starts:


Pressing the "Menu" button on the keyboard, while in the "Home" screen:


When "in" a book, pressing the "Menu" button on the keyboard:


continued from the previous screenshot, pressing "cover:"


After pressing "Home" and "Menu" and "Experimental" and "launch browser" and "Menu" again, then "Bookmarks:"


After pressing "Home" and "Menu" and "Experimental" and "launch browser" and typing "" and pressing "go to:"


continued from the above, and entering "diamond willow sticks" into the Search box:


the resulting website when clicking where the hand icon shows in the previous screenshot


the resulting website when entering the url you can see here:


same as the previous one, but here I've used the "Aa" key to turn it to "landscape:


This is NOT a website; this is a pic I took at my cabin and stored in my "pictures" (see above) folder and used "landscape" format and "full screen" option as explained above. This is an actual screenshot from the Kindle.


If bucks such as this one turn your crank, see my video on Youtube at


This shows better how a full-size image looks on the Kindle. It is a photo of the Kindle so the quality is not as good as the deer.

A Home-Made Hard-Cover Case for your Kindle:

Here is one way to make one out of an old book. And what is more "suitable" for a Kindle case than a BOOK!?

kindle kindle
kindle kindle
kindle kindle

Another idea is to use cardboard and duct-tape:

kindle case


Just a note to thank you for your helpfull webpage on the kindle 3, would like to inform you of some usefull links that you may or may not have heard about.

Set your kindle browser to either or
(check out both on your pc to see which you prefer)

To organise your kindle ebooks on your pc and much more use
For those that are sadly visually impaired use free audio ebooks To organise your kindle collections use (when i tried not as good a calibre)
A mobi file of kindle hidden tips and shortcuts which you can place on kindle
Once again thank you
John from Wales U.K.

Other e-book readers vs Kindle:

When I told my cousin about THIS website, he told me:

"A couple of months ago I bought a Sony ebook reader, I brought it back after week, as it was hard to use. I brought it back before I got too frustrated by it. At least I got all my money back. One of the problems was the availability and assortment of free books. It looked that you still have to pay for them when you download if you chose one particular book."

The Nook e-book reader from Barnes and Noble has color which is nice but keep in mind that it is about 2x as heavy as a Kindle and it does not use the "e-ink" technology that the Kindle does so the Nook might cause eye-strain when reading from it for any length of time. It does have some other neat tools such as touch screen and larger screen than the Kindle 3. The Nook's battery life is only a fraction of the Kindle's battery life. The price of the Nook is very similar to that of the Kindle 3. If you want to read in sunlight, probably the Kindle would be the e-reader of choice.

literati from Kobo

The Literati from Kobo:

I saw the Kobo "Literati" e-book reader at a very good price so I bought two of those. They are nice in that they have COLOR and that it came with 25 books installed. I thought I was not going to like this unit until I asked Customer Service a few questions. They gave me good, clear answers and now I am VERY impressed with the Kobo Literati. I gave one away as a gift and am filling the other with free books; at last count I'm at 89. This one is for lending out.

Kobo is a Canadian company, with corporate, support and retail organizations based primarily out of Ontario. The device itself, however, is manufactured in Taiwan.

Kobo Inc.
135 Liberty St.
Suite 101
Toronto, ON M6K 1A7
attn: Lee Akins - Director, Customer Care

I like this Kobo so much that I'm making some notes about using it; here they are so far:

Kobo Literati Notes (e-book reader)

Kobo is a Canadian company, with corporate, support and retail organizations based primarily out of Ontario. The device itself, however, is manufactured in Taiwan.

Kobo Inc.
135 Liberty St.
Suite 101
Toronto, ON M6K 1A7
attn: Lee Akins - Director, Customer Care

The Literati comes with 25 books pre-loaded and hundreds more free books can be downloaded from Kobo.

Get the desktop application at

Download Books: You *CAN* use ONLY the reader to download books but that is rather slow and frustrating; far better to use your computer.

Before you start, make a note of how many books are in your total library.

Go to and sign into your account, then click on the 'Free eBooks' link at the top of the page. BE CAREFUL: In the "FREE books" there are SOME which are NOT free! Good instructions at the forum:

Now once again, see how many books are in your library to make sure you got them all.

Direct link to the FREE books website:

Removing books: see manual, page 7

Get help at or email them at

You can insert an SD card (maximum 8Gb) to provide more storage.

Save Battery Life - How to turn daily downloads on and off on the Kobo Wireless eReader By default it automatically connects to Kobo each day to download your latest newspapers and magazines. It also updates your library and bookmarks in the process. If you have no newspapers or magazine subscriptions, or if you want to maximize your eReader's battery life, you may want to turn this off. To do this you need to change the Download Daily setting:
- Press Menu.
- Select Settings.
- Press Menu again, and select General.
- In the Newspapers & Magazines area, select Set News and Mags.
- Press left or right on the navigation pad to change the Download Daily setting. Select No to disable daily updates.
- Select APPLY.

Turn Kobo OFF: press power button and hold for 3 - 6 seconds
Turn Kobo ON: Press and hold the power button on the top of your eReader until you see a light come on; then wait a minute

Refresh your Library: Press Menu and tap Refresh

"Now Reading" If a book shows as one you are currently reading, and you are NOT, and want to reset that: open the book, press the menu button and go to the Table of Contents. In the table of contents, choose the last chapter. If you see, at the bottom, e.g. "Page 1 of 8" then use the right arrow on the Directional Pad to go to the end of the last chapter. Go to the last chapter and go to the last page of that chapter. There you will see "PRESS 'NEXT PAGE' TO CLOSE BOOK AND RETURN TO LIBRARY." At the moment, that is the only way to close a book that has been opened but a future firmware update should add a 'Close this Book' option to the menu.

The "Home" button takes you back to the book you were reading.

Kim Komando made a very nice chart comparing a large number of e-readers. That chart lives at

how to get Diamond Willow

in fact, tell EVERYBODY!

Diamond Willow Sticks

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