moose nuggets moose nuggets


moose nuggets

At my cabin there are quite a few moose, not to mention bears, deer and elk. The moose leave their calling cards all over the yard. A great resource for the person inclined to crafts. I've collected some, dried and varnished them. Here is a picture of a few; the pencil and house-key are there to show relative size of the nuggets.

moose nuggets

These are nicely varnished. There is NO smell at all. They were very well-dried before they were varnished.

You may have seen these used in EARRINGS and sold on Ebay. I have, frequently.

"Ass-sorted" sizes but I do try to collect only the largest ones I see.

moose nuggets

I had planned to bottle them with labels such as this. The label is ready to be printed and stuck on your own bottles. The "R" should have a line through the right leg, to suggest a prescription.

I read on one website that people even make paper out of these things; no idea how, but if you want UNvarnished ones to try that, I can supply those too.

NOTE: I found that an extraordinarily large cow moose (with calf) had been hanging around the cabin all winter, destroying my trees and willows. She did me the favor of leaving a lot of unusually large nuggets. I have dried some of them now; if you want extra large ones, contact me soon; they won't last long.

People are making (and selling) all kinds of neat things with Moose Nuggets: jewelry, "insects" etc. Check out this website: and also Google such terms as "moose nugget" and "moose poop jewellery." Also check Ebay.

If you would like to give it a try, I'll send you 40 of them (varnished) for $30, postage included. I would really like to hear back from you about what you made with them; maybe you can put up a picture of it on your website? Will you let me put your name on the page, with the picture of your creation?


Some enterprising individual has come up with "Moosletoe" kits; they come in very nice boxes specially made for them. Here is the Moosletoe.

Since Pancreatic cancer has made these sales difficult to maintain for me, my son-in-law will be taking over this part of the business. For future sales, contact Keith at:

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