How to make a PPT (Powerpoint) Slide Show if you don't have Microsoft Powerpoint and DO have the FREE OpenOffice suite from

These are MY notes; YMMV.

1. Get a PPT file from someplace else; e.g. use one I made called "Diamond Willow Sticks." You can get it HERE.

2. Open that PPT file in OpenOffice and it will look like this:

make a ppt file

3. Click on the title "Diamond Willow Sticks" and a box will appear around that text. Then you can change that text; do the same with "Pure Art by .........."

4. When done typing, click on the first image, the first thumbnail in the left panel so that it appears in the main window, so you have this:
make a ppt file

5. Now RIGHT-click on the first thumbnail and choose "cut." Repeat with all the pictures to remove all of them. Then you have this:
make a ppt fileI

6. In the "Tasks  Pane" (on the right) click the first box; the  first "layout." (If not already visible, open the "Tasks Pane" by selecting the "View -> Tasks pane" menu option and click "Layouts" in the Tasks Pane.)

7. In the Toolbar, "Insert | Slide" and you'll have this:

making a ppt file

8. Now click: 'Insert | Picture | from file' and browse to one of your new pictures and "open" it.

9. That will bring in the picture, on top of the text of the new slide; note the 8 green "buttons" on the picture; grab those and stretch the picture to fit the frame so that you will have it looking like this:

make a pps file with OOo

10. For successive pictures, repeat steps 7, 8 and 9.

11. When you have all the pictures in, 'File | Save as | Microsoft Powerpoint 97/2000/XP (.ppt)" like this, enter a file name, browse to WHERE you want to save it, put a check-mark beside "Auto Extension" and click Save:

make a pps

12. You will probably get this dialog box; if you do, click "Keep Current Format."

make a pps file

13. Now test the ppt file and if possible, email it to somebody else to test on their machine as well to be sure that it is OK.

There should be a way to export it as something other than ppt so that people can play it even if they don't have powerpoint or the equivalent. something like a 'packaged' export. a standalone self-playing file.

IF YOU have comments on this, please let me know: kenstick at telus dot net.

THANKS to Dave Barton, Project Coordinator, Tutorials For OpenOffice

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