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Giving a photo a "3D" effect

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Note how I blurred the background (and foreground grass) to emphasize the Argo. I could have left the foreground grass untouched.

Paintshop Paintshop

This is my ARGO A.T.V. with a small load of freshly-harvested Diamond Willow sticks and my "Stick-shaw" which I use in the bush in very tight areas where the Argo cannot get through the brush.

The instructions in PSP are quite complete and easy to follow. Look in:

Help / Learning center / Quick Guides / Graphic Projects / Create depth of field

First, I opened the picture, using a fairly large view of it rather than a small one, making sure that the entire Argo is visible.

Choose the "Freehand Selection Tool" (looks like a lariat/lasso)

If the "Tool Options Palette" does not show, make it show: View / Palettes / Tool options; this is how it should look:


Click anywhere near the Argo and draw a line around the entire Argo, making the end of your line meet the start of your line.

note the "ants running around it" like this:


Adjust / Sharpness / Unsharp mask

and Radius 2

Selections / invert

Adjust / Blur / Gaussian blur and set the radius at 3.

selections / Select none


Note all the various options that are available to you for variations of this project.

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how to get Diamond Willow

in fact, tell EVERYBODY!

Diamond Willow Sticks

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