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Putting an image onto a new background.

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Here are the two images I took; now I want the spider onto that web.

spider spiderweb

NOTE: this might be virtually impossible to do with an image where the background has the same colors as the image which you are trying to paste onto it.

The first picture (spider) is the "foreground" and the second (web) is the "background."

You want to erase the background from the first picture and put what is left onto the new background.

We'll practice with these two pictures; we want to move the spider to the web.

Remember that "Edit | Undo......" will let you undo any step you made which you don't like.

Save COPIES OF your two images on your desktop. (Don't use the Originals!)

Open PSP and drag the 2 images from the desktop onto the PSP workspace.

Now, in PSP:

- Activate (by clicking on the title bar) the first ("foreground") picture. (i.e. the spider pic)

- Click the "background eraser" tool and set it for a size of 100 and "Limits" of "Discontiguous."

Your Toolbar Palette should look like this; it is very long so I show it in two pieces here, repeating the "Limits" box (yours may be shortened; look for a right-arrow between a couple of boxes in there):

Paintshop Paintshop

- With short strokes, go around the spider; let the circle go over the spider but do not let the tip of the eraser touch the spider. Do not go around the spider in one long stroke; make many strokes. IF you make a mistake, simply, on your keyboard, hold down the "Ctrl" key and press the "Z" key to UNDO the last stroke.

- As you erase the background, it is replaced by a checkerboard like this:


- If you feel the need to get into some "tight spots" you can reduce the size of the eraser.

- Continue until the entire image has been erased, leaving only the spider.

- Edit | Copy

- Now activate the other, the "background" image, i.e. the web.

- "Edit | Paste as a new layer" and click the web to drop the spider.

The Final Result:


If you decide that the spider is too big for that web, you can go back to the spider on the transparent background and resize it ("Image | Resize") and then "Edit | Copy" and paste it as a new layer on the web again.

If you want to rotate the spider you can go back to the spider pic and "Image | Free Rotate" first and then copy and paste.

If you don't like the location of the spider, use the "Move" tool to move it to wherever you want it on the web.

Obviously, a shadow would not look good on this picture but if the spider had been pasted onto a solid surface such as a wall, or a piece of lumber, then a shadow would add realism. To do that, right after pasting it to that surface (and moving if needed) "Effects | 3D Effects | Drop Shadow" and set it to suit yourself.

When you are happy with the resulting picture, "Layers | Merge | Merge All (Flatten)" and then save it "File | Save As" and give it a new name. DO NOT use "Save" because you'll write over the original pic of the web.

When you close Paintshop, make sure you don't save any pictures that might overwrite a picture you don't want over-written.

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