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Blowing up a picture:

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Here is what I wanted to make; don't ask why; you might find a use for it. I used Paintshop Pro XI.


1. Choose two pictures (both JPGs) and open both in Paintshop at 100% size.

2. pic A will be the background of the finished picture, e.g. a landscape scene (don't use filename "background")

3. pic B will be an "item" or person to be pasted in pieces onto that background (note the size of your image: "Image | Information")

Use a picture where the "item" or person "stands out" from the background of that picture. It should be on a nice plain background where it can be easily isolated with the Magic Wand tool.

NOTE: If you mess up, you can click the title bar of either image at any time and "Edit | Undo....." to go back to an earlier step.

Here are two pictures of the "item" I wanted to use; the one on the left is good; the other is not due to its messy background. The shadows are not good but can be fixed.

polar bear bear

4. make a third new, blank, transparent image, ("File | New") larger than pic B (it will be a checkerboard)

On picture B:

5. - Use the "Magic Wand" and hold down the Shift key while you click around the item.

6. - "Selections | Invert"

7. - "Edit | Copy"

on picture C:

8. - "Edit | Paste" as a new selection, and drop the item.

9. - "Selections | Select none" (it may be helpful to use the "Background Erasor" to remove left over artifacts)

10. - With the Freehand Selection Tool, draw a line around part of the item.

11. - "Edit | Cut"

on picture A; the original background image:

12. - "Edit | Paste | As New Selection"

13. - "Selections | Promote selection to layer"

14. - "Selection | Modify | Expand" (and choose "outside" 3 and anti-alias)

15. - Take the Flood Fill tool and in the Materials palette, choose black (if too narrow a space, "View | Zoom in" once or more)

16. - With the + on the new 3-pixel border around the item, click to change that space to black.

17. - "Selections | Select none"

18. - Note that with the Move tool you can drag the item around on the background image (on the invisible layer, actually) Try it now.

19. - Move the other pieces of the item the same way, i.e. go back to step 9.

(if you decide to add a piece of "B" again, so as to have that piece pasted more than once, go back to B and "Edit | Undo....." as many times as needed)

20. - View the final picture and use the "Move Tool" to move the pieces so that it looks as you want it to.

21. - Save this image as a .pspimage file so that you can return to it if you want, to make changes.

22. - "Layers | Merge (flatten)" the layers

23. - Save as JPG.

Here is a slighly different version; note that each piece is rectangular; there *might* be a bit of overlap (where a tiny bit is duplicated?), the background of the "B" picture shows and each piece has a shadow. I'll let YOU design YOUR own version now.

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