using Paintshop

Cloning yourself:

I used Paintshop Pro XI for this one.

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First, the pictures you'll want to use:

1. Set your camera on a tripod; this is very important; you want NO movement of the camera.

2. Put your subject in the first position and take a picture.

3. Being very careful to move nothing else, move the subject to the second position (change clothes if you prefer; but hurry up about it; if the sun goes behind a cloud, lighting will change and one picture will be brighter than the other; not a good thing.

4. Take the second picture.

Now, the Paintshop magic:

5. Open both pictures in Paintshop Pro. I named mine "clone(1).jpg" and "clone(2).jpg".

6. Reduce the sizes of the pictures if necessary; I reduced mine to 1024x768.

7. Then:
a. with clone(1) active, use the Crop Tool to draw a box around the person
b. click the checkmark to delete all but the part around which you drew that box
c. "Edit | Copy"
d. with clone(2) active, "Edit | Paste as a new selection" and line it up properly
e. clean up any artifacts, use the "Enhance Photo" tool if necessary and save as JPG with a new name.

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