Using Paintshop Pro

Changing the color of part of an image.

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Here is a picture I took of a blimp; I want to change the color of the text.


Save a COPY OF the image on your desktop; open Paintshop and drag the pic to the PSP working space.

Bring up the Learning Center if it is not already showing, with "View | Palettes | Learning Center"

On the L.C. choose "Retouch and Restore." If it is not listed, click the "home" icon in the L.C. to take you there.

Choose "Color Changer" and the Materials Palette should come up; if it does not, the F6 key on your keyboard will bring it up.

On the Materials Palette, click the third tab; the one called "Swatches."


Now click the box on that same palette, which has the tooltip "Foreground Stroke Properties" and that will bring up the "Materials Properties" dialog box which looks like this:


Choose the new color for the text and click "OK." (I chose red)

Now, back on the blimp picture, you'll note that your cursor is now a bucket pouring paint. Click it on the blue of the text. You'll note that not all of the blue text turned blue. That's because some of the blue text was a slightly different shade of blue due to curvature of the blimp. To fix that, enlarge the picture of the blimp (View | Zoom in) and touch up the parts which had not been properly re-colored.


You'll note that ALL of the blue on which we clicked changed to red; any other parts of the blimp which had exactly the same shade of blue will be changed also.

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