Adding a Drop Shadow to a picture

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I had this picture, and the web-page I wanted to put it on had this textured grey background:

hunting cabin grey background

This is what I wanted to do; put the picture of my cabin on that page with a "soft drop shadow" like this:


Open the picture (cabin) and the Background image. Both are JPG and the background is larger than the Thumbnail. If the background is not large enough, make a NEW image and copy the background into it enough times to make a large background.

1. Click the title bar of the cabin image to "activate" it.
2. Edit | Copy
3. Click the title bar of the blank, background image to "activate" it.
4. Edit | Paste (and choose "Paste as new selection", and click in the grey area and center it; note the "ants" running around it).
5. Effects | 3D Effects | Drop shadow (and set your shadow to your preferences)
6. Selections | Select none (to remove the ants)
7. Click the Crop Tool in the toolbar:

Paintshop Pro

8. with the Crop Tool, make a box around the part you want to keep, like this:

crop tool

9. View | Palettes | Tool options
10. In the Tool options, click the "Apply" button (the checkmark)
11. Finally, save your fixed image. (File | Save as)

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