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How to put a picture on a picture of a coffee mug, curved to fit the mug:

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Here are the two pictures I started with:

coffee mug my cabin

You can use mine to try it out; just right-click on them and save.

In Paintshop Pro, open the two pictures, the mug and the image you want on that mug.

I'll refer to the other image as the "cabin" picture.

My steps in doing this:

1. Crop the cabin picture to remove the parts you don't need and then shrink it to the size which will fit on the mug.

2. In these two pictures, I've already done the cropping and resizing.

3. Click on the mug picture and then "Layers | New Raster Layer" and you can leave all the default settings.

4. Now click on the cabin image and "Edit | Copy".

5. Now click on the mug picture again and "Edit | Paste as a new selection" and move your cursor on the mug to paste the cabin image there. When you are happy with its position, click and release the mouse button.

6. If you released the mouse button before you had the cabin exactly where you wanted it on the mug, click the "Move" tool and you can move the cabin image around on the mug.

7. Now click on the Warp Brush tool and make the size (of the circle) about 30% larger than the picture of the cabin.

8. Note that there is a small, black left-pointing arrow in the circle. Put that arrow so that it is at the bottom edge of the cabin picture, hold the mouse button down and drag that edge downward so that the cabin picture bottom edge is curved to match the curve of the bottom edge of the mug. Do the same at the top of the cabin picture.

9. If you cannot get the curves to match the curves on the top and bottom of the mug, change the size of the Warp Brush.

10. When it looks as you want it to look, "Layers | Merge | Merge all (Flatten)" and save the final image as a jpg with a new name and save the other two images with or without changes, your choice.

11. Note that after any step you can undo it with "Edit | Undo.....".

And here is the final result:

coffee mug
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