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Removing part of an image to remove a distraction.

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Here is my photo; I want to remove the upper jet and its contrails.

two jets

Remember that "Edit | Undo......" will let you undo any step you made which you don't like.

Put a COPY of your image on your desktop. (Don't use the Original!)

Open PSP and drag the image from the desktop onto the PSP workspace.

Now, in PSP:

In your Learning Center palette: "Retouch and Restore | Object Remover"

In the "Tools Options Palette" click the "Selection mode" button (with the lassoo on it)

Drag around the jet to be removed; when you let go of the mouse button, the line will continue to where you started it

Click the "Source Mode" button (right next to the "Selection Mode" button)

Click on the photo and move/resize the box to match the line you drew earlier

two jets

Double-click the rectangular "Source Mode Selection Box" and the jet will disappear with the area you drew

On your keyboard, Ctrl-D removes that rectangular box.

NOTE that if the color(s) in the rectangular box were not identical to the area where the jet was, then there will be some mis-matching colors.

two jets

Now, about that color mis-match. If you were doing this on some background such as grass, trees or water, then it might not show. On a sky like this, it is a problem but you can fix it. Thanks to the advice of Mr. Don Pratt, here is how:

Use your "Clone Brush" with these settings:

clone brush

I put my cursor in the area below the mis-match and right-clicked there, then used the brush to stroke over the mis-match and it was gone as you can see here:

clone brush

When you close Paintshop, make sure you don't save any pictures that might overwrite a picture you don't want over-written.

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