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Fancy Text on a Photograph

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Here is the picture I had, of a Diamond Willow Chair and I wanted my URL on it, on the grass:

willow chair

I want the text to be made of the actual background on which it is placed, i.e. the grass.

First, put a COPY of the picture onto your desktop.

You might want to "Enhance Photo" and choose "One step Photo Fix"

There are gazillions of different ways to make your text fancy in a picture; this was what I happened to want that day.

If your "Learning Center" is not showing, bring it up; it will help: "View | Palettes | Learning Center."

1. Drag and drop the photo from your desktop onto the PSP working space.

2. click the "Text tool" in the toolbar (the one with the big "A" on it) and "View | Palettes | Tool options" if the tool options bar is not already showing; it should look something like mine at this point:

Paintshop help

3. click on the photo, where you want the text to start

4. Type the text in the box that pops up and click "Apply." This is how it looked for me at that point:

Paintshop Pro

Note that you can "grab" the box of text in the center and move it around on the image. You can even rotate it with the handle in the middle.

5. "Effects | 3D Effects | Inner Bevel" (convert to a Raster Layer if prompted). I used these settings:

Paintshop Pro

Note that you can move the eye-dropper which pops up to pick the color you want from the image.

6. "Effects | 3D Effects | Drop Shadow" (and set it to suit)

7. Save the final picture. If prompted for a merged image, choose "yes."

Here is my final picture:

Paintshop Pro

If you want the text to stand out more, you can pick a different color off the image or change the drop shadow to suit.

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