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Adding a pond to your vacation cottage:

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Note the "Before" and "After" pictures. Yes, I know, I got carried away with "Picture Tubes" but hey, they are SO VERY addictive once you get the hang of them!

my cabin Paintshop

You might prefer not to go overboard (pun intended!) as I did and not put all the little 'extras' into the picture.

My steps in doing this:

1. open the original picture in Paintshop.

2. determine what its dimensions are: (Image | Resize) and see them there

3. In my example, the picture was 1024 x 768 pixels.

4. File | New; and make a new image, same size, transparent, "raster" with 16 million colors (24-bit)

5. Take your "Selection tool" and move to the MIDDLE of the original picture, along the left edge; 1/2 of 768 = 384; note the number on the bottom of the screen to see when you are there, drag to the top-left corner of the original image so that "ants" are running all around the top half of that image.

NOTE: you do not have to use a straight line across the middle of the page.

6. Edit | Copy

7. "activate" the new, blank image and (Edit | Paste) and "Paste as a new selection" the half into that image. Drag it so that it is int he TOP of that image. Click to drop it there.

8. Selections | Select none; to remove the 'ants'

9. Image | Flip; to move it upside to the bottom of that new image.

10. Effects | Distortion effects | Ripple; to add some "waves." In "Center offset" I used 9 and 9 and in "Settings" I used 2 and 6, with "Repeat" for "Edge mode."

11. Adjust | Focus | Soft focus; and I used "Halo visibility" of 15 and set the others at zero.

12. Combine the 2 images: move the original pic so all of it shows onscreen; "Selections | Select none" to remove the ants.

13. Edit | Copy and then "activate" the original image, Edit | Paste and "Paste as a new image. Position it and drop it.

14. Selections | Select none

15. Using your Picture Tubes, add some items such as the duck or the aircraft.

Save your new image WITH A NEW NAME so you don't mess up your original.

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