How to make your own "PUT-PUT BOAT" or "POP-POP BOAT"


THIS page is for some notes on the "V" bottom boat which I am experimenting with.

The first, smaller, milk-carton boat page lives at

Most of the patterns:


One problem I have with this one is that the metal tape will, of course, not fit snugly around the curved edges. This can be overcome; if you use the pattern above, for the hull, and copy the measurements EXACTLY, then cut it out, make the folds, then use short bits of tape to hold the front together, then apply a generous helping of Mold Builder or J-B Weld to all the seams on the INSIDE it should work out pretty well.

Note in these pictures that I have glued a wire across the inside of the boat, for the boiler top-end to rest on.

The note in the boat reminds me that on this one, I stuck/glued the two straws much deeper into the boiler; in fact, 3.6 cm instead of the usual 2.5 cm. This is part of my experimentation.


There is a small "floor" taped into the bottom for the candle-stick to rest on. The bottom of the boiler will be very close to the transom and the straws will be cut very short.

I did put a brace across the back of the boat and another over the top of the front end of the rear deck.

One step which always causes me difficulty is keeping the back end waterproof, where the tailpipes go through the bottom of the transom. On my earlier paper boats, the pipes came out of the bottom of the boat and I had little problem with those.

On this experimental boat, what I am doing is this. I got some "Mold Builder" which is a Liquid Latex Rubber and after setting the boiler in place with the tailpipes sticking out the bottom of the transom, and holding the boat so that the bottom of the transom was the lowest point, I dripped some of this liquid into the boat, all around the tailpipes. Here you can see that, before I trimmed the tailpipes off. The actual rubber is white so is nearly impossible to see here.

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