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This is the "RAILS" page

Rails are THICK pieces of Diamond Willow.

Frank S. wrote:

One application of the stick is to make hand rails for inside of houses and campers. I own a Motor home and for the inside hand rail, I installed a piece of DW and have had many nice comments on that. A friend of mine, also installed a handrail in her house going down into the family room and has had numerous nice comments. We have used a piece slightly larger in diameter than a walking stick and it seems to work out just fine using the normal handrail hardware (brass).

Internal railing system (in a log home.....) (like around a stairway.....) Or as someone said: a railing across the edge of our loft bedroom in our cabin. See ideas on my page at: http://www.sticksite.com/carvings/

These are PERFECT for making LAMPS, tables, beds.............. see my carvings page (link above).

Note the depth of the diamonds in this 3D picture; if you cannot see the depth; try to focus on a point about 14 inches behind your monitor:

3D picture

Super Rails:

Sometimes you find incredibly good ones; this is an example:

diamond willow

Here is an example of how the RAILS can be used:

diamond willow

Or around your deck

See what "Marcy and Jerry" in WA wrote and look at the fantastic job they did on their deck. And they didn't even sand the Rails:

"Thanks, Ken-we love it! Jerry used Chevron Shingle Oil on the rails. No, we did not sand them! The oil is essentially the same as the Baer product but tons cheaper. We use it on the siding of the house also. Just slap it on and it's done. I sent the pics so you could put them on your site if you chose to, so go right ahead. We still want to make a trip up your way--don't know when."

And here is what they did:

diamond willow
diamond willow
diamond willow

Thanks, Marcy & Jerry!!

Here is the deck built by my brother, John Laninga:


in fact, tell EVERYBODY!

Diamond Willow Sticks

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