snow in Canada

One thing about Canada: you can be sure that you'll see a lot of snow. And that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Maybe even in July (that's a BAD thing). Lots of fun things to do in the snow and it can give some wonderful photo ops. Here are a few of my winter pictures.

weeds in the snow
weeds poking through the snow

trail in the snow
We used to shovel our way in from the road but that became too much work. Now we use snowshoes and pull a toboggan with all the stuff we need for a few days' visit.

hauling firewood
In winter, the stove gets pretty hungry and we use a lot of wood; good thing there is plenty nearby. I even use trees cut down by beavers.

In spring snow melts and at night that freezes. Next day the water starts to run again, leaving the top surface, frozen, hanging in space for an hour.

melting snow
When we camp there in the winter, the snow on the roof starts to melt and slide down the metal roof, very slowly. Sometimes a very loud "WHOOMP!" tells us another ton of half-frozen snow has broken off and crashed to the ground below.

This is what those icycles look like from inside the cabin.

melted snow
Once the water along the road is running again, it undermines the frozen snow which hangs above it.

snowy tree
This small pine tree looked as if it was wearing a snow skirt.

This is my field in winter as seen from the cabin window.

Mom Nature has great artistic talent in carving snowdrifts.

cabin in the snow
Here is the cabin, "Snug as a Bug in a Rug."

fence in the snow
This fence is supposed to (!!) keep buffalo out of my field.

lawn covered with snow
The lawn won't need mowing for the next 7 months!

road covered with snow
At my driveway, the road goes only 2 more miles to the very END.

road covered with snow
This is my Family Tree...................not.

winter sunrise
sunrise on a cool morning

birch tree in snow
The birch tree beside the cabin holds a lot of snow.

winter sunset
a view of the sun setting at the cabin

moose in the snow
Some folks just dont' mind sleeping in the snow. This cow moose rested near the cabin all morning. Don Pratt added the snowman. Thanks, Don!

a cold bra
I was told that this snow sliding off the shed looked like a bra!

drifting snow
If we had stayed at the cabin much longer, we'd have been stuck there until the snowplow's next visit.

drifting snow
Those drifts sure look nice sometimes. High time to GET OUT!

drifting snow
amazing how that snow builds up

very cold
This was the temperature back in town, December 13, 2009.

face in the snow
This was back in town; Mom Nature carved this face without my help.

winter footwear
After a long walk on my trails network.

ice covered road
An oil exploration company wanted to drill north of my cabin but the ground is not very dry and hard so they sucked water out of various "ponds" and spread it, at night, on the "cutlines" to make it strong enough to hold up the equipment; this went for several miles.

ice covered road
Sometimes on a really cold morning, in town, the air is frozen like this.

beaverlodge in winter
Hopefully the beavers are keeping snug in their lodge.

bird house in winter
Birds have more sense; they LEAVE for the duration.

Well, SOME don't but somehow, they manage.

This coyote must have found pickings pretty slim.

Snow-covered branches can make a nice picture frame at the cabin.

doe muledeer
This doe Muledeer wondered just what WE were doing IN the cabin.

doe muledeer
This buck Muledeer was right behind the cabin, looking for ladies.

grizzly bear track
A grizzly bear had been visiting near the cabin at my brother's place.

cow moose
This cow moose just watched me walk by; lucky for me she did not mind me trespassing on her turf.

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