Scotch Tape Art

You may have seen examples of this "art" on the web. It intrigued me so I had to try it too. Here are my efforts.

Experience tells me it might be wise to use an OLD, beat-up toy at least the first time you try this.

If you don't have such a toy handy, use a banana. Or an apple. You can, of course, get these stuffed toys FREE. But you knew that. (If not, see my TIPS page).

Plan on using a whole roll of tape; I used Scotch tape, 120-meter roll, 48mm wide. Best price I've found for that is at Costco.

To see the original artist's work, visit


stuffed toy

Here is all you need to give it a shot: a stuffed toy, some "Cling-Wrap," tape and a blade to cut it.

stuffed toy

First step is to wrap the "Cling-Wrap" all over the toy; if that is awkward, you can do one leg, then another, then the head, for example, and then put tape all over the wrap.

Be sure to cover every bit of the toy; don't leave any of it exposed.

stuffed toy

Here the stuffed toy is partly taped up, not nearly enough though.

stuffed toy

Wrap LOTS of tape all over every part. The more the better; this is hardly enough; put on so much tape that the colors of the stuffed toy are virtually invisible.

stuffed toy

Next, cut all around the item, right through the tape and Cling-Wrap, to make two sections.

stuffed toy

Here the cutting has been done (with SOME damage to the toy!) and is ready to open right up.

stuffed toy

Here are the two halves, ready to be taped together.

stuffed toy

And, finally, here are the original toy and the "ghost image."

WHY do this?? I don't know. No idea. Just one more way to waste an hour or so. I removed the yellow "clothes" because there was slight damage from my cutting.

The KEY here is, I think, to use LOTS of tape.

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