This page is for UNFINISHED sticks only.

SOME of the diamonds have been scraped out; some not. You wil note that some "skinned" sticks STILL DO have quite a bit of bark on them. This is because I remove the bark which is on fresh, new, moist wood but on areas where the wood is dead and dry, I leave the bark. This saves me time and allows you to remove as much or little bark as you like.

A veritable MOUNTAIN of help re finishing sticks lives HERE.

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SELL your own sticks:

This is ONLY for my stick customers: http://www.sticksite.com/finished.html.

As you probably know, making your own stick gives a tremendous feeling of accomplishment so I encourage you to do that. Make your own and you'll want to HOLD it, to FEEL it, to STROKE it. If you want to take it to bed with you, well, that's OK with me too. I don't mind.

NOW HEAR THIS: I went to Alaska and searched the stores for D.W. Found a few but the prices were high and the quality low. I can honestly say that I have them all beat "by a country mile." Check the testimonials page for actual comments from my customers.


When you know what you want, please see my ORDER INFORMATION page for availability.

All have been dried for at least one full year, INDOORS. EVERY stick is unique.

IF YOU WANT to come and inspect the supply and pick the ones you like best, please email me well in advance; I'd be most happy to meet you and let you 'pick and choose' and avoid the cost of shipping. In my "inventory" you will find sticks which I otherwise do not show. That is, extra long ones, and extra thick ones and such.


Diamond Willow Sticks
This is a SAMPLE of my C$20 sticks. NOTE that this picture is ONLY A SAMPLE; there are too many to show them all. When you are sure that you want some, I'll email you a picture of some to choose from.


For orders of 15 or more of these C$20 sticks at one time I'll allow a discount of 10%. If you want a larger discount, I'll increase that to 15% IF YOU COME and pick out your own sticks from my inventory. This offer can be withdrawn at any time.

BUT be SURE to ASK me for it! This applies ONLY to orders of 15 or more of the C$20 unfinished hiking sticks.

I have a LOT of these; no doubt if I was to sort them again, some would be SUPER sticks; if you come to see them, you can pick and choose to your heart's content and get a super deal.

To facilitate a return visit, simply right-click any blank area on this webpage and choose "Create Shortcut." Next time you want to visit, and you are online, simply click the icon on the desktop! Cool, eh?

I do have lots of extra-long ones too but they are too long to be sent by post.

For Young People Organizations:

Once in awhile I get a request from somebody for a large number of VERY LOW PRICED sticks for a club of boys or girls who want to finish sticks but cannot afford to buy C$20 sticks. I have some of these now; they sold quickly, skinned, and dry. These are my "SCOUT STICKS." All lengths, all thicknesses and some have a few diamonds.

Diamond Willow Sticks

You will notice that SOME of my "regular" sticks DO show bark even though I call them "Skinned." Here is an example. I removed the bark from the "green/live" side of the stick but the other side was dead/dry so I left the bark on that side. This means you can remove as little or as much as you like.

Removing the bark from that dry side, will result in the nice brown color while the "live/green" side will give you that "white" color you see here.

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Diamond Willow Sticks

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