If you are thinking of buying that big, new, fancy TV set........


Samsung TV particularly if you plan to buy at VISIONS. I did and regret it.

I bought my Samsung 55-inch LCD set on September 15, 2009 and paid $3,262 for it with the stand. A few days later I went back and bought a high-def receiver for $157. Costs to upgrade the satellite dish came a bit later.

Big Mistake!

Only 4 1/2 months later, the set went crazy. I turned it off, Thursday night, January 28 and all was fine.

Friday morning I turned it on and there was NO sound at all, and it looked as if every channel had a piece of thick, pink clear plastic over it.

I emailed Visions using the email addy on the salesman's card. No reply came so I went to Visions to ask about it. The salesman who had sold it to me was no longer there; "he has been let go" I was told. Another salesman suggested I try several things so I asked for his email address so we could discuss it further that way.

I went back home and tried those things but it made no difference. At 11:56 AM, I emailed him:

Hi; here is what I did:

played DVD: no problem
played VHS tape: no problem
tried all 4 HDMI ports; same problem on all of them; PINK overlay on every channel, and no audio

anything else I can try?

There was no reply so finally at 5:15 I emailed the manager:

Hi; I was in your store just before noon to ask about my TV which died this morning.
The clerk gave me his email addy and asked me to try a few things and he'd email me back; I have NO Phone.
His address is assistant10@visions.ca and I emailed him in early afternoon. It is now late PM and I still have not heard from him; here is what I wrote: (etc etc)

No reply so next (Saturday) morning at 11:04 I emailed Visions head office:

Hello, I bought my 55" Samsung from Visions here in Grande Prairie, Alberta in September 2009. Invoice number is 04157978.

I LOVED that machine until Friday morning. I turned it on and got a PINK screen; and NO audio.

The pictures were there, but it looked like there was a transparent pink layer on top of every channel.

If I play media content from the TV itself, NO problem at all; nor was there any problem playing media from my USB flash drive, nor from VHS tape, nor from DVD player. All those were 100% fine.

I emailed Visions Friday morning; got no reply so drove across the city to speak with them later in the morning. The lad there suggested a few things I should try and gave me his email address so we could discuss it. I DO NOT HAVE A PHONE: I am hard of hearing and cannot use one. He said he'd check his email in the PM. I emailed him early in the afternoon, got NO REPLY so emailed the manager later in the afternoon. NO reply by this (Saturday) morning 11 AM.

I am now without a TV. This is unacceptable. I have put $3,500 into that set and expect to be able to use it. I read on your website that you are CONCERNED about Customer Satisfaction but this customer is becoming more and more DISSATISFIED. This is not going to look good on my website.

PLEASE come and get this broken machine out of my house and bring me a new one today!

It seems clear to me that once Visions have your money, they no longer care in spite of the fact that their website suggests that they care about their customers.

When I bought the TV I asked the salesman if there was ANYTHING else I would need in order to get HD TV. He told me that there was NOTHING else. Another lie. I did need more stuff; quite a bit of it.

Long ago I bought a camcorder at Visions. Little did I realize that prices were about to drop big time; I paid FAR more than I should have.

Another time Visions advertised a remote vehicle starter for a very good price so I went to buy it. After getting into that purchase, it soon became clear that the price they had advertised was a complete hoax. There was a whole RAFT of other things I had to buy with it to make it work!

No, my friend, tread with great caution if you are considering a purchase from Visions; I plan to stay FAR AWAY from them.

I had contacted Samsung also, via their online reporting form. They replied but did not address the "pink screen" problem at all. I replied to their email but two days later that email bounced back to me.


As it happens, I was chatting with a neighbor and he came over to assess the TV problem. He suggested unplugging the cables from TV and HD Receiver and waiting a moment before plugging them back in; just as you might do with a computer and modem in case of problems. I did that and all was fine; the TV worked beautifully again!

It happened again much later. This time, I did this:
- turned the TV off
- unplugged the HDMI cable between the TV and received; both ends
- unplugged from the receiver, the cable that comes from the satellite dish
- unplugged the external Hard Drive
- turned the receiver off
- left it overnight (probably not necessary; a couple of minutes is probably long enough)
- plugged everything back in and turned on the HD, Receiver and TV. All was fine again

On Thursday, Feb. 4, I emailed Samsung again and less than an hour later got an email from the local Visions store. They wrote:


I was directed to attempt to help you out in the situation with your recent purchase. I will start off by apologizing that someone had not contacted you earlier by e-mail I received your e-mail on the 29th along with the rest of my daily e-mails however I was not the original person that attempted to help you - my e-mail address was used without my consent, and unknowingly I had passed over your e-mail as if it was junk mail - this was completely my fault. I am here now to help you, I will also let you know that any products that have passed our 30 day exchange program will fall under manufacturer warranty, and we will be happy to service your products for you. I have attached a digital coy of your invoice below this will help us out for future reference.

I do understand that you would like this problem solved immediately - as a consumer myself I get upset with the time it takes to fix my vehicle/appliances/electronics, however there are warranties that need to be fulfilled before we can offer that exchange. I also noticed on the Invoice that we did not charge for install and/or delivery so it would be hard for me to arrange for someone to head to your home for free. I am still skeptical that this is a TV issue, as the HDMI inputs are not linked to each other and would be a very rare occurrence.

To begin I have a few questions:
1. What Satellite/Cable box are you using? (Bell/Starchoice/shaw/persona)
2. Have you tried another HDMI cable? (cables can go defective)
3. Have you tried plugging in another HDMI capable device to rule out that the TV is the unit having a problem?

If it is only the Sat/Cable box causing the issue we can rule out your TV and perhaps get the right people involved in solving your problem. I will be here closing the store tonight and tomorrow and will periodically be checking my e-mail in hopes to help you further with this situation.

Thank you for your patience about this whole ordeal.

Sarin Sunny Kumar
Sales Manager
Visions Electronics
Grande Prairie, AB (780)538 3318
"sunny the seal, here to close a deal"

This was too little, FAR TOO LATE and my reply was:

Hello, Sunny. The problem has been solved; no thanks to Visions. A neighbor came over and we went into it. Turns out the problem was to do with the Receiver; unplugging everything and turning things off and then on again solved it.

If we had not been able to solve this, then I would have been without my beautiful TV for 7 days and that does not impress me.

I have been keeping notes on this and am making a website about it to suggest that dealing with Visions might not be a very good idea.

If Visions has email problems, that is not the customer's fault.

NO thanks to Visions!

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