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wanted poster You can make neat posters like this one which I made, in full-size, for my brother after he decided to quit spending the winters up here in northern Canada, and go to Arizona instead.

I did this one with the FREE software from http://poster-forge.ronyasoft.qarchive.org/, that is, the free version of their software. Using Paintshop Pro XI, I was able to add the 4 nails and the bullet holes.

This is a really nice tool but note one thing; after you print it out, take scissors and trim off the white edges; that makes a very big improvement.

I started with a color picture of John, and the software converted that to black & white to look more authentic. John was not impressed with the very low price I put on his head.

Even without the 4 nails and the bullet holes, this poster, hanging on my cabin wall, looks very nice and attracts a lot of attention.

I hope this little page will help you to have some fun with this. If you have more resources you want to share, please email me and thanks!

wanted poster This one might be a REAL 'wanted' poster; you can Google the unfortunate lady's name.

Here are some papers you can download if you want to make yours more unique. Just right-click on them to download.

paper(1) paper(2) paper(3)
8.0 x 10.6"
4.0 x 6"
8 x 10.7"
paper(4) paper(5) paper(6)
8 x 12"
7 x 9"
9 x 8.9"
paper(7) paper(8) paper(9)
7.3 x 10.7"
7.6 x 10.5"
9 x 9"

And here are two bullet holes you might be able to use; you can manipulate them in your graphics program to suit your needs. I made these two by shooting a .22 bullet through white paper held against a piece of wood. The one that looks like it came from a shotgun, actually was the result of "powder burn" from holding the muzzle very close to the paper.

bullet hole

bullet hole

If you use these, you might want to rotate them so that every bullet hole in your poster does not look perfectly identical.

You can, of course, do an "Images" search in Google for "bullet holes" or "bullet-holes" etc.

And here are a few nails images:

nail image nail image nail nail image nail



If you don't have a picture of your victim wearing a Stetson Hat, maybe you can use this one.

cowboy hat

You might be lucky and find in your "junk mail" a flyer, sometime, as I did, using an image of a very old piece of paper. This one came in my weekly bundle of flyers and I was able to remove the text.

wanted poster

You can download this one; it is quite large; much larger than this thumbnail.

IDEA: you can make your own "old-looking" paper by soaking it in tea or coffee. I do NOT suggest crinkling the paper to make a lot of "folds" and "creases" in it; that would not look very good if the picture on it is not similarly creased.

If you think that a "6-gun" or "6-shooter" would be an asset to your poster, use mine:



A poster looks MUCH nicer if you have a nice background behind your victim's picture. You can find pictures by doing an "Images" search in Google using such terms as these:
"western town street"
"ghost town"
"hollywood western"
"john wayne"
"western movies"
and download an image of the size you want. I suggest searching for "large" pictures or "extra large" to avoid wasting time with images too small to be any good. For example, here is one I found:

street scene

I saved a much larger version of it, of course. If you can find a CLIP-ART image, or a cartoon, it might add some great humour to the finished poster. If you can find a really good one, feel free to tell me about it but DO NOT, PLEASE attach it to your email; just ask me if I want it. Please.

These other websites might also give you some cool ideas:

Here you can do a poster online but the result is VERY small.

You can download the poster here but may find it difficult to edit.

This one has some really neat pictures but won't help you make any posters.

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